Take your gaming to the next level with these six tips

The world of PC gaming is interesting because the gamers, sitting behind their machines, do not play with synonymous hardware. Gaming consoles, on the other hand, standardize the equipment used to engage with the game—with a few accessories here and there being the only customizable element. Whereas a PC gamer might have an up-to-date, high-performing […]

Just Cause 4 trailer reveals a lot about the plot of the game

Created by Avalanche Studios; Just Cause is an action-adventure video game series. The series includes; Just Cause, Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3, with Just Cause 4 being announced at E3 2018. Just Cause 4 trailer has just released and it says a lot about the plot. It provides with a preview of what […]

This Halloween, Fortnite will keep the excitement up with the new Spooky skins

This Halloween, Fortnite is launching its much-awaited Fortnite Skins Darkness Rises theme Season 6, there would be some newly added cosmetics theme too. The newly made back bling, gliders, skins, and pickaxes got leaked ahead of a Halloween event. The first look of Skins Hay Man (male), Straw Ops (female), Hay Nest and Birdhovel back […]

Are gaming platforms the future of the games industry?

When you want to play a new video game, be it a mobile title, an indie on PC, or a console-based blockbuster, where do you go? If you’d have responded to that question ten or more years ago, your answer would have likely been ‘visit your local games store’ or to ‘contact the developer or […]

New version of Switch planned by Nintendo for next year

A new version of Switch is planned with some great upgrade by Nintendo Co. for next year to main the momentum going. The Switch was introduced last year and is still solid but is not delivering favorable surprises as it did in the market in its first year. Kyoto, Japan is moving very quickly to ensure […]

PlayStation announces The Drop with new games for the next month

There is good news for PlayStation lovers for this October. PlayStation ushers in The Drop comprising new games for October 2018: Astro Bot Rescue Mission – in this game the player controls the captain of the ship and tries to rescue the lost crew who have been scattered across five planets. With 26 levels, this […]

PlayStation will release a bunch of new free games before Halloween

PlayStation announced today in their official blog that just before Halloween they have set up a great new line up for everyone. PlayStation has decided to release a bunch of games before Halloween keeping the Halloween spirit in mind. PlayStation is bringing to their platforms the famous masked killer Jason from the movie Friday the […]

Sony allows Fortnite Beta cross platform gameplay

After an overall evaluation process, Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally struck a way to support cross-platform features for third-party content. Three months after the issue was raised at e3, Sony breaks down its restrictionist policies and they kick-started this with the launch of “extended Fortnite cross-play beta” for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. […]

Microsoft will soon bring forward mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One

Xbox is dedicated to bringing the joy of gaming to its users. But they are not only keeping in mind the comfort of their users, but they are also committed to the developers of the games as well so that the developers have the best platform to show their creativity and work on. Keeping everything […]

Xbox is all set to release Forza Horizon, Hollow Knight and FIFA 19 this September

Every week a lot of games release on Xbox One but between the upcoming September 14 and September 28, 2018, some of Xbox’s really famous gamers are being released. Most notable among them are Forza Horizon 4 and FIFA 19. Forza Horizon 4 is developed by Playground Games and it’s an open-world racing game. The […]

Head into battle: The best soldier games of 2018

War games have long been some of the most popular and enjoyable games on the market. Fighting to win a battle and help your pixelated brothers in arms is a thrilling way to play and never gets tiring. But with so many being released each year, which ones are worth playing? 2018 has been a […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to release next month for PlayStation

Treyarch that develops Call of Duties series highly popular game, will soon release the latest Black Ops 4 for the PlayStation 4 users in a month. An active calendar marking the events and the plethora of free contents has been shared by the developer and will be accessible to the users after the release. Due to […]