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Here Are The 9 Mac Accessories You Must Buy

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Macs are the trusted choice of many skilled designers, writers, marketers, etc. The superb Mac features set them apart from other laptops in the market. A superb design, visually appealing display, amazing touchpad, and lightweight and extremely fast MacBook experience isn’t found in any device out there. But the amazing functionality of a Mac also comes with certain limitations as well. Apple has dropped many essential ports and features that have limited the overall Mac experience. Don’t worry, though! In this article, you will find about nine amazing MacBook accessories that can maximize your Mac experience – so keep reading!

1. Ethernet Adapter

One of the most disappointing things for professional Mac users is the absence of an Ethernet port in Macs. Ethernet has tons of benefits over WiFi connectivity, including faster internet speeds, amazing security, and so on.

But part of Apple’s efforts to provide the most elegant design in the industry, they have removed the Ethernet port from the MacBook to make it slimmer than other laptops in the market. Do you rely on Ethernet for internet connection? Fret not, at the ugreen.com website, you can find a USB-Ethernet adaptor for Ethernet connectivity on your MacBook. 

2. Protector For Keyboard

Writers, marketers, and many other professionals spend all day on Macs. Given the computer-heavy world of today, no professional can avoid using laptops for longer periods. But the downside of such prolonged usage is that essential components of a laptop like a keyboard or a touchpad lose their functionality over time.

Dust particles, accidental spills, and carefree behavior can damage your Mac’s keyboard in no time. Replacing the keyboard on your Mac is very costly, and you’d certainly not want to spend a lot for something you can protect. Using a keyboard protector, you can maximize the life and performance of your keyboard. Keyboard protectors don’t change your typing experience and provide amazing safety at the same time.

3. External Hard Drive

Mac laptops have amazing storage options and can fulfill the needs of an average user. The downside is that the more data you have on your Mac, the slower it gets over time. But if you have to work with large media files, you need an external device for storing your data.

An easy solution available in the market is using external hard drives. Carrying around external hard drives is not difficult as they are lightweight and fit nicely in your bag. Using external hard drives is a better option instead of storing your files on cloud storage. An additional benefit of external hard drives is that they can serve as a local backup of all your important files.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

Macs have amazing built-in speakers that provide a decent sound experience. But if you are working with audio files on the go or love watching content with your friends and family, you definitely want something more than the speakers in your Mac.

The built-in speakers are not loud enough, and Apple doesn’t focus on providing the best audio experience either as they want to minimize the size of the laptops. Buying Bluetooth speakers is a smart choice for all the audiophiles out there. The wireless speakers nowadays come with robust audio quality and enable you to enjoy music anytime and anywhere. 

5. USB Hub

There are tons of great accessories to your Mac through the USB port. But as mentioned over and over above, Apple doesn’t really focus on including anything that can make their laptops bulky. If you want to connect several devices via USB cable, you need a USB hub for your Mac.

Connecting a USB hub allows you to connect as many devices as you want. A USB hub fits easily in your bag and ensures that you can be more productive by sitting in your office or traveling around the country.

6. External Battery

Having a backup power source for charging your MacBook is all a Mac user can need. Though new Macs have an amazing battery life compared with other laptops in the market, you can still consume all the battery if you are a heavy user.

Carrying an external battery with you allows you to charge your laptop whenever you need it. You can put an external battery pack in your bag easily as they are compact and easy to carry around.

7. Wireless Mouse

There’s no doubt about the superb functionality of Mac’s built-in touchpad. An external mouse provides superior functionality and enables you to get more things done in no time. But for writers, designers, and gamers out there, using the touchpad is not the right option.

The good thing is that there are so many great wireless mouse options out there in the market, and you can pick any wireless mouse according to your specific needs.

8. Portable External Monitor

Professional designers and editors know the importance of a secondary display. An average user can get all their tasks done with the built-in Mac display, but you have to use an external monitor if you want increased visibility and productivity. Setting up a dual-monitor setup with a desktop computer is not difficult. But is there a portable external monitor for Mac users out there?

You bet! Many great portable external monitors enable you to set up the dual-display experience for your Mac. Portable external monitors are available in both lower and higher price brackets, so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

9. Car Charger

Using your Mac in a car is cool if you are business trip, but what if you are going for a long drive in your car? Many Mac users use their laptops in cars, which ends up draining the battery in no time.

A quick charging solution that you can easily adopt is using a car charger for your Mac. Mac car chargers accessory are small in size, and you don’t have to carry them around in your bag either. Also, you can connect a car charger and leave it there for quick everyday use.

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