How to make PowerPoint presentations using free templates from

Putting slides together may seem like a simple task. However, that’s exactly what separates the most memorable presentations from those that give slideshows a notoriously bad name. Creating a slideshow, with a purpose in mind, is actually more than just putting two and two together. It’s about striving to attain that perfect balance between form […]

How to boost your organisation’s presence with social media

The era of the digital realm comes with advancements and more opportunities for customer connections than we ever had before. With the numerous new technologies that have arisen, businesses get caught up in attempting to leverage all forms of emerging technology. However, the most basic and widespread technology can be the most effective tool to […]

How to root Android phone with these 4 easy steps

There are many reasons to root your Android phone. When you root the mobile, then you can have access to the hidden features of the OS and can install incompatible apps on the device. You can automatically toggle your tasks like GPS, 3G/4G, screen on/off, changing the processor speed, etc. It will help to boost […]

How to avoid spam-traps when sending emails: 4 Tips

Have your open rates unexpectedly dropped to single digits with no warning or reason? Don’t freak out! Your readers still adore you. They just didn’t have a chance to open your email. Why? In 99% of such situations, your dropping open rate is an outcome of your newsletter mistakenly winding up in that ruthless spot […]

How to relax after the long working hours?

Nowadays, it has become quite troublesome for the people to de-stress their mind from regular hectic activities. And, why won’t it be? After all, the life of today’s generation is limited to the office and home. Whether you’re planning to go for an outing trip this weekend or you’ve finally decided to pay a visit […]

How to rip and digitize old/new DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper

WinX Free DVD Ripper is one of the best DVD ripping software that helps digitize discs for easier backup, archiving, editing, and sharing. Its 350+ profiles help convert ISO image or DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264, MP3. It also helps backup DVD to NAS/Plex Media Server for streaming, and the ripped […]

How to perfectly implement and execute link building campaign pipeline

Starting and sustaining a business is really an arduous task to perform but there are two most important essentials in every business which serves as the backbone of the businesses. Targeting the specific audience and building links with clients in order to gain more popularity and generate more revenue from the business is really important along […]

How to create alluring content for content marketing

It’s no secret that an online marketing agency uses content marketing to drive traffic to websites and elevates the authority of the business in the market. In saying so, for content marketing to be effective, there’s no escaping the fact that you have to create captivating content consistently. Tight deadlines and a busy schedule can be […]

How Apple is making it easier than ever to cut back on app overload

The issue of smartphone addiction has been one of the hottest topics in tech news this year. With more and more individuals and charities working to raise the seriousness of the issue, the tech giants behind the devices which control our daily lives have finally stepped up to do something about it. The world’s biggest […]

How to solve these most common document management issues

Whether you are a student, a business professional, a teacher or a stay-at-home mum, it has probably happened to you many times to have troubles managing electronic documents. In the paperless era, it is required to know at least the basics of document management techniques and to learn how to be efficient while doing that. […]

How gaming is changing the way students learn

Education is changing in ways no one has thought possible. We have come a long way from chalkboards, hefty textbooks and other features that depicted school earlier. Over a specific period, the learning process has gravitated from its known design to something different, more specific and specialized. This is not surprising. The 21st century has […]

How to earn money by writing articles online

With the increasing trend of the internet, making cash by writing online is no longer reserved for the limited people but something that anyone can do it who have a computer and an internet connection. The generation of content has become the cornerstone for obtaining more audiences on the internet. Writing is not an easy […]