How will the new iPhones change the mobile gaming arena?

The global gaming market is on course to be worth over $115 billion by the end of the year and with over $50 million of this coming from the mobile gaming industry, it’s fair to say that it represents one of the fastest growing sectors in the gaming landscape. When you consider that, in recent […]

How to create Windows 10 USB drive to boot your system

Have you ever suffered from Windows 10 boot failures? Those kinds of failures are usually caused by some simple hardware conflicts, some virus attacks or mistakenly deleted files. The failures showed us with different errors, such as Blue Screen of Death(BSOD), black screen and other unbootable messages. Then to create a bootable media for Windows […]

Ways to create a home office you’ll actually want to work in

Whether you’re working from your home full-time or just like bringing your work home, you’ll need an area where you’ll be able to work without distractions. The functionality and the design of your home office are going to play a major role in your productivity and the amount of work you’ll do on a daily […]

How to deal with an overheating smartphone

The advancements in the smartphone technologies have given rise to more powerful devices resulting in more temperature generated. Your smartphone can overheat for various reasons ranging from basic usage to faulty components. Some smartphones have measures like cooling apps and metallic boy parts to curb overheating issues. But even if your phone has those features […]

3 Methods to make bootable DVD from iSO image on Windows computer

It seems to be awkward to reboot the system on the Windows computer. Or simply, ISO burning process is difficult. In the case of a sudden technical issue, your computer is not found working to transfer or reload data, take an alternative method for device rebooting. right now, technical advancement helps novice people to do […]

How digitization is changing the enterprise technology ecosystem

Enterprise technology has been the cornerstone for businesses across the world for quite a few years now helping to bridge and streamline critical operations. In fact, all of the major industry verticals have joined the race to digital transformation, which is quite evident with the heavy investment that businesses are pouring in to stay ahead […]

How has machine learning revolutionized the healthcare industry

Across the globe, various hospitals are using sophisticated technologies and processes with the help of highly skilled administrators. But that ain’t an easy task to accomplish! The management of such high-end machinery can still be a supervisory nightmare for healthcare professionals who already have time constraint issues. Only automation can sprinkle wonders here. There are […]

How to secure your Windows PC from malware attacks

The world we live in has been completely changed in the last couple of decades, thanks to the inception of computers, and more importantly the internet. Almost every one of us makes use of the internet on a regular basis for different purposes, be it shopping, education, work, entertainment and many other similar things. But, […]

Disk Drill Review – Free data recovery software for Windows

In today’s world of advanced technology, it has become quite easy to store your entire business-related or other official data in technical gadgets. However, if you mislaid your documents or you delete it from your device, there isn’t any possible option to get back the same. But no need to worry now as Disk Drill, […]

How to use technology to upgrade your wardrobe

With the dynamically changing fashion industry, it becomes a struggle to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends. With every change of season, we feel the need to buy the latest garments and accessories. You continuously find yourself accumulating a wardrobe full of mismatched garments that you struggle to incorporate into a […]

7 Portfolio additions you should not miss out to build your career in design

During your early design career, there is only one thing that you would desire for – a promising and rewarding career. But what is that one thing that can make you kick an initial step towards your goal? It is an eye-striking and impressive design portfolio! The biggest challenge during early career phase is that […]

How to optimize a WordPress site for better ranking and higher user satisfaction

Quality images instead of quantity Neville Brody, the famous graphic designer, typographer, and art director once said that digital design is like a painting, except the paint never dries. It is an excellent piece of advice to keep in mind while designing a website or a blog using WordPress. Some design elements are necessary at […]