How to make the most of your business process management software

Business Process Management, or BPM, allows you to automate your company’s processes to make sure nothing gets missed. Combine BPM with ECM Software – which allows you to streamline the process of capturing, distributing, and retrieving your documents—and your company will experience an efficiency and accuracy that you never knew was possible. However, just like with […]

How Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the world in next 10 years

Today’s digital world is no longer limited to computers and smartphones having the ability to do quite a number of things for us, end-users. These days, we marvel at drones being tapped to deliver ordered items straight into customers’ homes or at smart, voice-command-activated speakers being able to set a wake-up alarm when its user […]

How to import Excel contacts list to iPhone device with iCloud application

There are different ways to save business card information of users. It can be in CSV, Excel file VCF or PST file format according to the platform, it can Email Application or Smart Devices. These can be needed at any time for fast access while traveling or in a meeting outside the workplace. For that […]

How to increase your business through Instagram: 9 proven techniques

With over 700mn active users worldwide, Instagram has been crowned as one of the most popular social media platforms. It has become a gold mine for everything, be it shopping, promoting business, making money or sharing stories, people hop on it quickly. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this social media platform has more users, thereby attracting […]

How social media is influencing the mind set of the youth

According to the latest statistics, 22 percent of the world’s population is active on Facebook as of June 2017 and most of them are as obvious it is the youth. The figures also state that most all of our youth is involved with at least three social media platforms at a given time. This begs […]

How to fix the issue when your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo

Most of the time it happens that when we restart our iPhone or iPad it goes stuck at the Apple logo. It means that our iOS device has not booted up the process completely. Obviously, it is kind of a tension and probably we find out the way to resolve this issue. This is a […]

How to recover deleted files from your Android phone

Have you ever regretted deleting a photo or video from your Android phone? There a number of different apps out there that allow you to restore all recently deleted files, but we recommend you to use MobiSaver as it’s a perfect solution to recover the precious files. What is MobiSaver MobiSaver is a program developed […]

How to enable iCloud Photo Library option on iPhone and iPad

With the advancement in technology, there is also an increase in the storage that we require. Due to this, we often need storing our data in a safe place. Our present comprehensive article on, How to Enable iCloud Photo Library option on iPhone, iPad will guide you through the procedure for utilizing the iCloud Library […]

How to protect standards and other publications from unauthorized use

How do you protect standards and other publications from unauthorized use? Do you manage an enterprise that is involved in publishing different kinds of documents? You may be releasing standards publications. As a large publisher of such publications, your target audience subscribes to your documents on a periodic basis. Yet, as the developer of standards, […]

How to Boost and Optimize Your Android devices

Android devices are designed to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Despite that, it is not immune to performance issues which is very common to smartphone devices. Your Android device may start creating performance issues due to some software or hardware issues. Let’s discuss ways to boost and optimize your Android following few simple steps. Stop Background […]

How To Use LinkedIn Marketing To Build Brand Reputation

LinkedIn has successfully established itself as a premier social media site for professionals since it was launched in 2003. This platform already has an estimated 467 million users worldwide, providing the professionals with a conducive platform where they can build network connections as well as advertise their businesses. LinkedIn demonstrates that its role is imperative […]

How to manage your underperforming employees

Think of your business as a train comprising of multiple wagons, where one wagon can be technology, another accounting, and so on. In this image, managers are train drivers steering the locomotive, while the employees are the engine that is keeping everything in motion. However, that engine consists of many tiny parts. In order for […]