NASA’s LRO spacecraft observes Lunar Water Movement

Until the last decade, scientists thought that water did not exist on the surface of the moon and that even if it did it was mostly in the form of ice in permanently shaded craters near the poles. However, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO has been able to detect water molecules moving around the […]

NASA Kepler-1658b a “massive hot Jupiter” is the confirmed exoplanet, 10 years later

NASA has provided an update on the newly-confirmed exoplanet named Kepler-1658b, stating that it is “a massive hot Jupiter that whips around its star every 3.85 days.” The exoplanet is said to be one of the known planets that orbit a star whose future version can be equated with the present Sun in the Milky […]

SpaceX’s crewless Crew Dragon Demo-1 mission launch is a success

The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, with no humans on board, has been successfully launched for a demo mission from Launch Complex 39A in Cape Canaveral in NASA’s Kennedy Space Flight Center in Florida at 2:49 AM Eastern Time. SpaceX and NASA were bound in a contract where SpaceX was asked to develop a transportation system for […]

A planet lurking beyond Pluto – Is it the planet 9 in the outer Solar system?

Pieces of evidence are yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking like there is an undiscovered planet; the planet 9 orbiting beyond the Kuiper Belt. Even if it is there, it’s far, big, and slow. The presence of such a planet will possibly explain the unique clustering of Kuiper Belt Objects that is vertiginous to the […]

ISRO will fly two defense satellites on its SSLV flight

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to launch two light defense satellites from its new Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) in July or August. As more satellites are being launched into orbit, there is a greater compulsion to monitor the space situational awareness thus making it much harder for nations to find the perfect place to send […]

NASA’s Mars Weather Station InSight detects an inexplicable infrasound

NASA’s first 24-hour Mars weather station has detected infrasound which has successfully bewildered the scientists because they are unable to determine as to what kind of sound that is. The infrasound which was detected was very low-frequency as is the case with any infrasound. The low-frequency which is the characteristic of infrasound, lie several octaves […]

China planning on building its first Power Station in space by 2025

China is all set to take its next big leap in space research with its plan to launch a Power Station in the Earth’s orbit by 2025. Being built by the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, the prototype shall be launched in space to directly reflect the sun’s beams to Earth to allow solar power […]

ISRO with Indian Air Force to select and train 10 astronauts for Gaganyaan mission

ISRO has joined the Indian Air Force to select and train 10 spacecraft personnel for the country’s first human-space mission or ‘Space Flight’ project or Gaganyaan. We have our own criteria and requirements for selecting our crew and training them and have submitted the same to the IAF. The first two rounds of training of the crew […]

SpaceX’s Mars-Bound Starship Raptor Engine is gearing up as Musk teases the flight engine

SpaceX’s key milestone is cranking up the heat. SpaceX founder Elon Musk posted photos of the new Raptor rocket engine. The company is preparing to test fire the Starship Raptor engine designed for use on a future Moon and Mars mission. It’s a key milestone in the company’s efforts to build its most ambitious rocket to date, […]

NASA’s future mission of sending man on Mars by the end of 2030 may not materialise

NASA had announced last year that they were planning a series of manned and unmanned missions to Mars by the end of 2030. This mission would have been, if successful, one of the milestones for mankind. But things are not going according to their plan and as announced by the former NASA Astronaut Jerry Ross […]

Hopper: Test flight version of SpaceX’s Starship vehicle looks like ‘liquid Silver’

SpaceX could take its Mars-colonizing spaceship out for its excursion very soon. Formerly known as the BFR, Musk announced on Thursday that the spaceflight company’s test version of the Starship dubbed the ‘hopper’ is nearly ready to test its flight. The test rocket is due to launch sometime this year that is stipulated to demonstrate the […]

Space junks to be cleared by Bengaluru students

Space Debris does not distinguish between assets of different states and different types. And irrespective of who is being stigmatized for producing space debris, it will affect every other state’s assets, as it is a global common opined expert. Experts feel that the substantial problem with cleaning space debris comes because technologies that are needed to clean […]