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SpaceX fires up its Starship rocket for the first time making another step towards Mars

SpaceX just performed a test hop of its Starship vehicle for the first time, a huge milestone by the company as it moves ahead with development of the spacecraft that it says could one day take people to Mars. On Wednesday SpaceX fired up its prototype Starship rocket as confirmed by Elon Musk. Starhopper completed tethered […]

Boeing’s astronaut capsule first space test flight is now off until August

The Starliner capsule that was supposed to make its debut this month, after a series of postponements is now off until August. In a statement, Boeing said the first flight called as the Orbital Flight Test is now delayed to August on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. That launch had […]

NASA criticizes India’s Mission Shakti as a terrible, terrible thing

Deemed as Mission Shakti last week, India, for the first time, demonstrated its ability to destroy low orbit satellites using an anti-satellite weapon. India became the fourth nation across the globe to demonstrate ASAT, and the move had since gained a lot of criticism from space scientists, researchers, and other industry stakeholders because of the […]

ISRO launches EMISAT defense satellite after Mission Shakti from Sriharikota

On Monday, ISRO placed a mission which would witness the agency for payloads in three consecutive orbits and conducting space experiments. India achieved yet another path-breaking milestone in the space arena as ISRO’s PSLV-C45 lifted the EMISAT satellite taking along other 28 nanosatellites of global customers from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. 🇮🇳 […]

5 Reasons to consider coworking spaces in Australia

Australia’s beach and the Outback are two of the many places that people looking to take their vacations up a notch can go. The beaches and reefs in the Queensland area and then moving toward the arid, drier areas that make up Australia’s backcountry are what draw tourists from around the world to this beautiful […]

Spinning Active Asteroid caught in the lenses of Hubble telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has caught a rare moment of an asteroid breaking apart, leaving trails of glittering dust in its wake. Active and unsteady asteroids like Gault are now more accessible to detect because of the new survey telescopes that enable scientists to scan the entire sky, which means no escaping route for misbehaving asteroids. What […]

NASA discovered ‘Space Butterfly’; revealing how the life of stars happen

NASA just captured a gorgeous image of a place where new stars are born. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope captured a “space butterfly” nebula that appears to reveal how the circle of life of stars happens. Such an image has been snapped using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, a remarkably detailed image considering the nebula to be some […]

Mission Shakti: India becomes the fourth nation to demonstrate anti-satellite missile capability

PM Narendra Modi addressed to the nation saying that, India has shot down a low-earth orbit satellite in space, propelling itself into an elite club of nations, which has mastered this anti-satellite (ASAT) missile technology. And with this Mission Shakti, India has become the fourth nation in the world after the United States, China, and […]

NASA’s LRO spacecraft observes Lunar Water Movement

Until the last decade, scientists thought that water did not exist on the surface of the moon and that even if it did it was mostly in the form of ice in permanently shaded craters near the poles. However, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO has been able to detect water molecules moving around the […]

NASA Kepler-1658b a “massive hot Jupiter” is the confirmed exoplanet, 10 years later

NASA has provided an update on the newly-confirmed exoplanet named Kepler-1658b, stating that it is “a massive hot Jupiter that whips around its star every 3.85 days.” The exoplanet is said to be one of the known planets that orbit a star whose future version can be equated with the present Sun in the Milky […]

SpaceX’s crewless Crew Dragon Demo-1 mission launch is a success

The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, with no humans on board, has been successfully launched for a demo mission from Launch Complex 39A in Cape Canaveral in NASA’s Kennedy Space Flight Center in Florida at 2:49 AM Eastern Time. SpaceX and NASA were bound in a contract where SpaceX was asked to develop a transportation system for […]

A planet lurking beyond Pluto – Is it the planet 9 in the outer Solar system?

Pieces of evidence are yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking like there is an undiscovered planet; the planet 9 orbiting beyond the Kuiper Belt. Even if it is there, it’s far, big, and slow. The presence of such a planet will possibly explain the unique clustering of Kuiper Belt Objects that is vertiginous to the […]