SpaceX Dragon Cargo Cabin successfully returns to earth

SpaceX’s ambitious Dragon Spacecraft rings in the good news of the successful completion of another International Space Station mission (CRS-15). And, according to Nasa Spaceflight, it has landed successfully on August 3, on the Pacific Ocean in local time. As per IT House, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft was launched on June 29, carrying a massive 2,697 […]

Lunar Eclipse: The longest visible ‘Blood Moon Night’ of the century

A Blood Moon night! On the night of July 27 2018, a Blood Moon will appear around much of the world. The longest total lunar eclipse of this century would be visible, which will last 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, following a partial eclipse that precedes, thus a totality of 3 hours and […]

NASA to assign astronauts to crew the mission of SpaceX and Boeing

On Friday, August 3 at an event in Houston, NASA will announce one highly anticipated aspect of the mission: the astronauts assigned to crew the first flight tests of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX Crew Dragon. NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine will launch the event with the announcement the pairs of the test-pilots crew that […]

SpaceX ready to launch Iridium for seventh time, aims for double recovery

SpaceX is all set for the seventh launch of Iridium Communications today, July 25 in the aim to recover the first stage and the payload fairing of Falcon 9. It is the first time that the company is having one mission for a first stage landing and the recovery of payload that will be done […]

ISRO welcomes nation’s private sector in space projects via 3-year agreement

ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization is finally in works on its encouragement to nation’s private firms for the past few years on space projects. The 3-year agreement includes three companies collaborating with ISRO: Alpha Design Technologies from Bengaluru, Tata Group from Hyderabad, and state-owned Bharat Electronics Ltd. also from Bengaluru. It is expected that […]

Finding NASA’s satellite data easily with spark innovation of Online Toolkit

NASA’s Technology Transfer program has created an online resource to promote commercial use of open remote-sensing data. The new NASA remote sensing toolkit will make it easier for users to find, analyze and utilize the most appropriate data for their research, conservation efforts or business projects. NASA’s policy of remote sensing data has been of […]

Scientists found 10 new moons orbiting Jupiter, brings the count to 79

Jupiter already had a large number of moons of its own, and now. Scientists have discovered 10 new moons about which the scientists had no knowledge before. The discovery of the new moons orbiting Jupiter brought the total number of the moons to an astonishing 79. No other planet in the solar system has this […]

Ghostly particle neutrino has its source uncovered and analysed, insight by Janet Conrad

Neutrino is an elementary or fundamental particle, or original or basic particle that’s not made of other particles, but a much weaker one than the other of its kinds in terms of interacting with ordinary matter, which actually earns it the tag ‘ghostly particle.’ The IceCube Neutrino Observatory at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station detected one […]

NASA’s Fermi: Tracing a Neutrino to its sources from blazing galaxies outside the universe

One of the great mysteries in science is determining what creates the signals that we detect here on Earth. And for the first time Scientists using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray, Space Telescope detects the source of the high-energy Neutrino which traveled 3.7 billion years before being identified on Earth. For centuries we’ve been known that peeping […]

Airbus in crafting a fetch rover for Mars sample-return mission

A mission to return samples from Mars isn’t an easy task! The European Space Agency (ESA) and the NASA have finally agreed to find for how far will it be possible to bring Martian soil samples back on Earth. ESA has awarded Airbus with $5.2 million to design a rover that can collect samples on […]

Low fuel contingency: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft kept on hold to download science data

NASA has put its most renowned planet-hunting probe by far, the Kepler space telescope on hold in a bid to download science data gathered from 51 days of its observation mission because Kepler’s fuel tanks are running low. Provided that the fuel levels permit, NASA will resume the probe after the download is done, but […]

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is set to revolutionize human research on the Sun

NASA has announced today that it will launch NASA’s Parker Solar Probe on August 4 for a historic mission to understand the sun like never before. It will ‘touch’ the star, as the organization says, while flying close to it unprecedentedly. Media have been invited to view the spaceship on July 13 at 1.30pm EDT […]