Huawei’s Intelligent Metro Router for 5G and Cloud Era: NetEngine 8000 Series

At MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019 in Paris, Huawei launches the industry’s first intelligent metro router series – NetEngine 8000, to meet the branched out assistance and the havoc connections required in the 5G and cloud era. Huawei has announced its new intelligent metro router series, the NetEngine 8000 to help operators build simplified and intelligent […]

Livongo collaborates with Amazon Alexa on a new HIPAA-compliant healthcare skill

Having attained the ability to sign business associate agreements with health providers under HIPAA, Amazon has added half a dozen new skills to Alexa which will not only forward Amazon’s venture into the $3.5 trillion health care sector, but also allow third-party health developers following specific guidelines to actually meet the rules and regulations put […]

Chicago, Minneapolis; the 1st cities to receive Verizon’s 5G network a week ahead of schedule

On Wednesday Verizon announced that it has begun the rollout of high-speed 5G internet by turning on the service in Chicago and Minneapolis. The company officially switched on its 5G Ultra Wideband Network in select parts of those two US cities a full week ahead of schedule which was highly anticipated to launch on April […]

Huawei releases FusionServer Pro series; a next-generation x86 servers

Huawei at the Taking Computing to New Levels press conference in Beijing, China, introduced its new FusionServer Pro intelligent servers. A next-generation x86 servers that will accelerate the transformation of data centers with its ultra-high intelligent acceleration engine. The company said that the new generations of servers sport a smart acceleration engine and smart management […]

Amazon’s drone Airship express is nothing less impressive than the air carrier from Star Wars

Amazon had already patented technologies to allow it to conduct deliveries via drones from airborne warehouses, and now foreign media reports suggest that the online shopping giant may finally be ready to start operating its Airship Express delivery. ドローンで配送するという話があったけど、もう始まってたんだな。もっと先の話かと思ってた。 There was a talk about delivery by drone, but it had already started. I thought it […]

Verizon launches ‘Call Filter’ featured to alleviate Robocalls

Verizon is taking new steps to alleviate the nuisance of thousands of robocalls going out regularly. Verizon is aiming to reduce some of the pressure. On Thursday, Verizon Wireless, officially announced that it is rolling out a free version of its “Call Filter” feature for subscribers. With Call Filter, Verizon customers will have a free […]

India becomes space super power after successful launch of Anti-satellite missile

India’s Mission Shakti has been successfully carried out with the testing of India’s anti-satellite (ASAT) missile that leveled a pre-decided target of an inoperative satellite in low earth orbit, situated at 300 kilometers altitude. The Indian ASAT missile developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) took 3 minutes to achieve the intercept. This accomplishment […]

Firefox Lockbox, a password manager that lets you log in to your mobile apps on Android

If you’re a Firefox user then here’s the news. Firefox has just made all the password struggles much more comfortable with the release of Firefox Lockbox for Android devices. The Firefox Lockbox is basically a password manager that brings passwords tied to your Firefox Account to mobile devices. Mozilla has already offered an iOS version […]

Global Telcos joined NVIDIA RTX servers to launch GeForce NOW Alliance

At the GPU Technology Conference which took place this week, Global Telcos announced their new initiative called the GeForce NOW Alliance. The GeForce NOW Alliance is a collaboration project between various telecommunications providers using optimized NVIDIA RTX Servers to expand and improve the cloud gaming experience globally. 5G network will soon be commercially available and […]

NVIDIA introduces high-performance workstations for data scientists and analysts

At the GPU Technology Conference 2019, in a collab with preeminent OEMs and system builders, NVIDIA plans to build new high-performance workstations that can aid data scientists, analysts, and engineers so as to enable more efficient business predictions and more production. These workstations will reportedly utilize systems that are “purpose-built for data analytics, machine learning […]

Sony introduces next-generation stacked CMOS image sensor

The “CMOS Digital Camera” report put strong focus over some of the significant sections of the CMOS Digital Camera market. It also provides us with the general idea of the rise in demand for the CMOS digital camera. Just as CMOS sensors have replaced CCD devices, the emergence of newer, niche-based imagers is expanding the […]

Samsung launches 12 GB DRAM for future foldable smartphones

Samsung Electronics has publicized that it has begun the mass production of its highest capacity of mobile Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM).  Samsung Electronics said on March 14 that it has already started mass producing the world’s highest-capacity mobile DRAM chip tailored for premium mobile devices, such as foldable smartphones. The new chip is built […]