Tag: 6G

ZTE Launched 6G Key Technology Research and Registered for Related Patents

Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE announced that the firm tethers the utmost importance to research and development investments; as part of the process, the company ultimately joined forces to provide a place where we can connect with a 6G network...

OPPO Releases its AI-driven 6G Strategy to the Next-gen Communication Network

As 5G technology slowly but steadily spreads across the world, smartphone brand OPPO on Tuesday released its 6G strategy, saying that artificial intelligence (AI) will act as a new dimension to the next generation of communication networks, helping ...

The US ATIS formed the “Next G Alliance” to promote US leadership in 6G technology

The United States Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance (ATIS) which consists of 150 member companies, announced the establishment of the “Next G Alliance”. The idea behind the Next G Alliance is to put the US as a frontrunner in 6G and fut...
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