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Adobe Lightroom can now be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store

Adobe has put into the Apple store for Mac OS one of its main apps, Lightroom. The app management and photo editing software can now be obtained directly from the Mac App Store without having to download it from external web pages or Adobe site. A promise that has taken almost a year to complete. […]

Adobe presents Fresco – A new iPad painting app for professionals and amateurs

Adobe revealed Fresco – A new drawing and painting app for the iPad and other Tablets. The company’s new painting and design app that has functions for both amateurs who want to practice or have fun as well as professionals who wish to create incredible works in illustration and painting. Fresco has been named after […]

Adobe XD: New capabilities for supporting design systems

Adobe Experience Design is one of the most recent programs in the Adobe catalog. It is a program that is part of the Creative Cloud platform. In this case, unlike other programs of the firm, it is not a tool with which to design as such. But it is a tool to present drafts. It […]

Adobe announces the new Experience Manager on their blog

Today the Adobe blog, written by Loni Stark, announced that they are going to release the latest version of the Experience Manager. Adobe will also share some of their innovations so as to help other brands lead in Customer Experience Management (CXM). In this age, of the developed and advanced communication system, especially at a […]

Adobe Premiere CC could burst the speakers of your MacBook Pro

Software bugs can be very annoying, they can even make you lose all your work, but usually, they are usually harmless. This is not the case, users have now reportedly discovered a very dangerous Adobe Premiere CC bug that can seriously damage Apple’s MacBook Pro speakers. There are more than a dozen users who have […]

5 Cloud-based services for marketing worth harnessing

In an increasingly complex business world staying on top of all the elements of a successful business can be extremely taxing. This is especially true if you run a small business or even head up a startup, where so many of the responsibilities normally shared by a whole team fall on you in amongst everything […]

Adobe Analytics shows voice search to rule the gaming and shopping sector

Using voice has become one of the convenient ways to engage with devices and the internet by the consumers. The speakers from Amazon, Google, and other companies have successfully taken their credits and becoming the most popular gadgets worldwide. The growth has undoubtedly been impressive, but it is still not able to touch the ubiquity […]

Adobe to launch newer versions of Photoshop for the iPad

Adobe Systems Inc is planning to launch a full version of Adobe Photoshop app for iPad so as to make its product compatible across multiple devices and to increase sales of course. The new app will be unveiled at this year’s annual MAX creative conference in October. The new app is expected to hit the […]

Adobe releases Spark Post on Android to create awesome graphics with top features

In a recent development, Adobe announced the first public beta release of a Spark application on Android. It can be easily availed through the Google Play store, starting today. The word “Beta” dowsed down all the high spirits? Worry not! For it isn’t what it sounds. Well, one doesn’t need to juggle with this beta […]

Microsoft releases new patch to fix zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash

Today February 10, Microsoft released a new security patch for Adobe Flash Player for coping up with modernization. The patch, coded KB4074595, has been designed to fix a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. The vulnerability existed in previous versions of Microsoft Adobe Flash Player. It enables online attackers to spread MS Office documents with […]

Adobe Presents its Cloud-based Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

The Lightroom software needs no new introduction in the field of computerized photographic processing. Having a consistent successful history of more than a decade, the software brings further advancement in digital photography. The new Lightroom CC provides both professionals and hobbyists with cloud-based photo services. Using the software will allow you to have easy access, […]

6 Digital skills that can boost your career

Getting a job in the digital industry can be very difficult indeed, and it can be particularly difficult if you do not have a diverse resume. In order to get a job, you need to show your employer that you would be able to handle a wide variety of tasks. The Key to a Good […]