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UCLA showed how AI can be used to diagnose breast cancer accurately

UCLA researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system which can diagnose breast cancer more accurately. The study was published in JAMA Network Open, and its authors are Ezgi Mercan of Seattle’s Children Hospital, Sachin Mehta and Linda Shapiro of the University of Washington, Jamen Bartlett of Southern Ohio Pathology Consultants and Donald Weaver of the […]

Samsung develops on-device AI lightweight algorithm for faster computations

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) recently presented a paper titled “Learning to Quantize Deep Networks by Optimizing Quantization Intervals With Task Loss” at this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), one of the top academic conferences in the field of computer vision, through which they introduced the company’s updated On-Device AI lightweight algorithm […]

How to increase productivity at the enterprise by introducing new software?

Why Enterprise Productivity Is So Important Productivity is quite a measurable thing. Enterprise performance is typically directly connected with individual productivity. For example, a worker at the car factory is able to produce 5 car parts per hour. The other worker can manufacture 7 parts per hour. The aggregated output makes the average enterprise productivity. […]

Why haven’t neural networks and deep learning managed to crack machine translation yet?

It’s both strange and fascinating that with all the smart technology in our lives today, machines still haven’t conquered the complex art of language translation. There have been major strides forward of course, particularly in the past few years, but the language is a new frontier. Just as meteorologists attempt to predict the weather with […]

LG’s first smart display LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 is priced at $300

After Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View, and Google Home Hub; LG is the latest member to join the family of Smart Displays with its LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9. With an 8-inch HD display that allows interaction with the same great Smart Display experience that has become characteristic of the newly innovated devices; users […]

How AI and machine learning make an ideal eCommerce customer experience

eCommerce is one of those industries where the understanding of the customer is one of the most important elements of establishing and maintaining competitiveness on the market. It is obvious – you just can’t do anything of note without understanding what your target audience is, how it is segmented and what are the needs of […]

How AI and predictive analytics are powering next-gen safety technology

We are witnessing the presence of AI in every stream. From investment guidance to self-driving cars, from healthcare to aviation, AI has expanded its capabilities to do things that were only dreamt of in the past. The biggest success so far has been in the area of safety technology. AI and predictive analytics has made […]

3 ways how chatbots and artificial intelligence can improve education

Chatbots are programs, artificial intelligence systems, that you can text with as if they were human and they can be found in practically any industry from e-commerce to travel to government platforms. We’ve witnessed a huge rise in chatbots and as their use becomes broader every day, a lot of new applications appear. Chatbots have […]

Le Pro 3 AI is to come with dual camera, Helio X27 priced at $350

Good news for the LeEco lovers. The Chinese company announced that its next flagship smartphone with dual camera and some breathtaking features to enter the market this week. The new device named as Le Pro 3 AI Edition has bundles of “love-to-have” features and its heart hacker features is new AI Assistant of device. Giving […]

Daniel Gross leaves Apple to become Partner at venture capital firm Y Combinator

Apple’s director, Daniel Gross is leaving the company to join venture capital firm Y Combinator as a partner. Three years ago, Cue, an artificial startup was co-founded by Daniel Gross and was bought up by Apple. The Cue app developed by Daniel included an AI-driven personal assistant service which presented information related to upcoming calendar […]