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Tag: Amazon Echo

Clips of Lady Gaga’s Latest Album Joanne Leaked on Amazon Echo

It sounds bad that Lady Gaga’s new album “Joanne” has leaked through Amazon Echo ahead of its release. Teams from Amazon Echo speaker found Gaga’s much-awaited playback available online after some fans posted preview clips on Amazon's virtual assist...

Report: Apple May Introduce Next-gen Api in Its Digital Assistant

The Digital Assistant space is becoming more competitive – Now, Apple has also made its way that could take on Amazon’s Echo. According to some reports, Apple is developing a brand new language API that could power the upcoming Echo-Competitor and G...

Amazon Launches to Test Alexa Echo in Your Browser

If you ever wondered about having your own digital assistant to help you out in your daily activities, Amazon Alexa Echo is there for you. The company has launched a dedicated website for the users to test Echo simulation right on their b...

Google Assistant to Be Available Soon

It was in talks that Google is planning to bring a personal digital assistant since Google I/O 16 kicked off this month. The Silicon Valley technology giant has introduced its own digital assistant called, aptly, the Google Assistant – which will be...
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