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8 Best antivirus software for iPhones

Our lives have become completely dependent on technology. All our information is stored in our devices on which we rely on as we go around our day to day activities. However, our devices are not safe. While the mobile operating system has much more reliable security than most other OSs, even they aren’t completely immune […]

5 Best antivirus apps for latest Android version

The antivirus Apps secures your photos, contacts, memories android mobile and messages in your phones and tablets against viruses, theft, and spyware. You can use them to locate and track your lost items such as phones and tablets. The following are the five best antivirus apps on Android Version. McAfee Founded in 1987 (MacAfee Associates) […]

7 Troubleshooting tips for fixing your own computer

It has happened to the best of us All computer users have experienced one common problem that is inevitable when working with technology that is when the computer breaks down. Remember the critical moment and try to recall what you did. As it was probably the first time you had experienced your computer breaking down […]

How to secure your Windows PC from malware attacks

The world we live in has been completely changed in the last couple of decades, thanks to the inception of computers, and more importantly the internet. Almost every one of us makes use of the internet on a regular basis for different purposes, be it shopping, education, work, entertainment, and many other similar things. But, […]

Why your Android antivirus app never works out the way you plan

Everyone could get very unlucky and have a hard time getting it off their phone. You might have thought that you could not get viruses because they are made for computers, but they will run on your phone or tablet just like they were running on your computer. You must have a look at antivirus […]

Best practices for mobile app security developers must know

Whether it is an Android or iOS-based mobile app, security forms the major concern in the current world. Right now, the virtual world comprises of hackers and thieves, making it impossible to run an app without getting disturbed. It won’t be long when you might get headlines stating that your Android devices have been hacked […]

Six ways data security can help you keep your business safe

Businesses are progressively becoming victims of cyber crimes. Data breaches are blameworthy for costing millions of dollars for the companies and yet perpetuate to happen. External hackers are not always those who attack your business operations from the other side of the globe, breaches can be brought about by somebody within the company. So, let […]

6 Common mistakes that make your PC slower and how to avoid it

We’ve all used the phrase “Oh! I just wish that my PC would run like new again” or anything along these lines. The truth is that a healthy computer always runs as fast as the day that we got it. If there’s one thing that slows down over time, then that’s the operating system. More […]

Interesting cybercrime facts and statistics you should know

As we are now hooked on the internet and are constantly seeking to be connected to the digital world, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, you have to be very sharp in cybercrime. Our reliance on the internet, use of technology and willingness to divulge lots of personal information and data with certain […]

10 Best Free Malware Removal Tools for a Perfectly Managed PC

For every professional, having a perfectly managed PC is of primary importance. And no matter how careful you are with your PC, it takes only a single malware to make a mess out of your entire life, if you give it a chance. And it doesn’t matter if you are using some sort of high-quality […]

Kaspersky’s TaigaPhone Prevents Google and Facebook from Spying on You

TaigaPhone is a smartphone that Natalya Kaspersky (co-founder of Kaspersky Lab) is working on. It has the ability to prevent Google and Facebook from spying on user data. InfoWatch Group, based in Moscow, is behind the design of the smartphone. Natalya happens to be the President of this organization as well. TaigaPhone will prevent… TaigaPhone […]

Kaspersky Withdraws Complaint as Windows 10 Antivirus Aspects Get a New Dimension

Today, Kaspersky is going to withdraw its antitrust complaint on Microsoft. Microsoft agreed to reflect changes in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. These changes will serve Kaspersky in providing alerts and notifications for renewing Windows 10 antivirus definitions. Windows 10 Antivirus June 2017 saw Kaspersky file the complaint stating that Microsoft disabled antivirus software […]