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Top trends in Mobile games development in 2018 and beyond

Mobile games are under huge transformation. With the advent of latest technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and growing performance enhancement of smartphones, a mobile app development company have to remain on its toes to develop engaging and entertaining games. It has to keep track of the latest trends emerging in mobile games. Let’s look […]

12 Interesting things you may not know about iOS 12

In the recent year, Apple has released its latest and fabulous operating system iOS 12. Though it has been anticipated that the ultimate version of this operating system won’t be accessible till the coming month September, Cupertino, the company based in California has unveiled the 8th public beta for the same in August. All the […]

Top 10 features you might not know in iOS 12

As per the Apple’s announcement made at the WWDC 2018 Keynote, a lot of huge modifications including latest features and improvements are expected in iPad and iPhone with iOS 12, a good news for iPhone users, isn’t it? So with the brilliant performance and stability enhancement, iOS 11 issues are definitely going to be resolved […]

6 iOS application development trends of 2018 that set the tone for future apps

Apple’s hardware becomes more sophisticated and its iOS platform evolves in step. One feeds the other leading to giving developers even more possibilities to come up with advanced apps that set the tone for the future. iOS 11.4 launched in May 2018 included AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud, support for the ClassKit framework and HomePod […]

Apple at WWDC 2018 introduces iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave and ARKit 2

“Manage your lifestyle sorting out priorities and adjusting time investment via your devices” – is perhaps the message Apple wants to send to the users via its entire presentation at the Apple WWDC 2018 in San Jose Convention Center, California. It has brought a host of conveniences for the worldwide users of iPhone, iPad and Mac […]

iOS 11.3 update seeded to developers with upgraded version of ARKit 1.5

The upcoming iOS 11.3 update seeded to developers and public beta tests the entire last week and the feedbacks are quite positive. The developers can now use the latest ARKit 1.5 and create augmented reality apps for iOS devices. ARKit 1.5 is capable of mapping irregularly shaped surfaces detecting the surroundings in an improved manner, […]

CES 2018: Apple AR glasses likely to be a reality by 2020

AR glasses are Apple’s new wearable, it’s a pair of glasses that make use of augmented reality tech. Apple ARKIT has the potential to bring augmented reality to the forefront of the consumers. So, if one wants to see how Apple’s augmented reality looks like then he needs to know about long-rumored Apple AR Glasses. […]

The latest iOS update for Pokémon Go supports ARKit framework with more features

Pokémon Go was one of the revolutions of last year and although it had a decrease in the number of users a few months after its launch, it has been able to grow again in the summer this year. Niantic has prepared some great advances for Pokémon GO in iOS.  The first one will be the […]

Pokemon Go Raid battle receive the legendary Groudon

If you were sad after the farewell of Ho-Oh do not worry because another legendary creature has reached Pokemon Go for a limited time. This is Groudon, a ground Pokémon discovered in the Hoenn region and which debuted in the third generation. It has been announced by Niantic itself through Twitter stating that the first legendary Pokémon of the third […]

The iPhone 2019 to Sport a 3D Sensor for Augmented Reality

Apple this year has shown how great it is, with phones like the iPhone X or seeing all the potential of its software, and that is when we saw that Google had failed with its Project Tango, where it was trying to achieve augmented reality by hardware. Apple got it with ARKit through software, and it seems that they […]

Augmented Reality: Google Launches ARCore to Compete with Apple’s ARKit

Google has recently launched the preview of software development kit (SDK). For developers named as ARCore to bring the Augmented Reality to the various smartphones. Basically, the augmented reality is the computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world.  But earlier, Google already has an AR platform dubbed as Tango which works on the necessary […]

Latest Demo of iOS 11 ARKit shows real world navigation

It’s not even been two months since the announcement of the ARKit with iOS v11 and it has already become a lot popular among the tech developers. It offers a lot of scope in gaming, creativity, and utility application. A latest example on ARKit shows the benefit of informational augmented reality and its positive effects on […]