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Grammarly Review – How it helps to eliminate grammatical errors

Are you tired of searching out effective tools to rectify the unnecessary grammatical errors? Whether you are a beginner writer or have been engaged in writing and another language-based job for years, making grammatical errors is perhaps very common, after all, we’re human. In today’s generation of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, almost every second […]

Tips for writing a qualified blog comment to get approved

Blog commenting is becoming a good source or technique for off-page SEO. It cannot be considered as the “Do follow” SEO. In reality, it provides assistance in boosting the traffic on the website and avail several benefits. Many bloggers and website owners are taking help from blog commenting sites for all these things. Tips for […]

How to increase email subscribers for your blog in these 6 tips

When it comes to raising the audience for the blog you need to consider three important aspects. One, how can you get new visitors to find out your blog; two, how to convert those visitors into subscribers and three how you are going to encourage your most enthusiastic subscribers to share your content and catch […]

9 Essential tools to write your posts correctly

Blogging is one of the simplest ways to express professional knowledge and creativity, but it’s also a great opportunity to earn money online. However, blog writing is a highly competitive niche because there are at least 500 million authors currently active worldwide. It means you need to publish outstanding posts week after week in order […]

6 Best sites that will pay you to write articles online

If you want to make money writing articles, here is a list of platforms where you can register quickly and easily and start working almost immediately as a content editor. EssayShark is one of them where one can make money by writing In most of them, you pay very little and you would have to […]

How your business can benefit from starting a podcast

Podcasting can be extremely beneficial for your business. But, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t all just about pressing the record button and uploading whatever you come up with on the spot. The fact, for starters, you need high-quality equipment and a proper studio. Then, you need to start planning every podcast […]

Top must known tips that will make you a social media rockstar

Today websites like Facebook, Twitter, and plenty of other social media platforms are becoming CRUCIAL for success as a blogger. They offer a rich potential to connect with, engage, and attract new readers and leads to your site. This trend isn’t going anywhere in 2018, rather the importance of social media sites are increasing day-by-day. […]

Infographic: 8 mistakes beginner blogger should avoid in 2018

So you have made the decision to become a blogger. Now one of the most important things to get your hands on is knowledge on how to avoid the usual mistakes that amateur bloggers commit. These errors may be considered normal to go through and experience for yourself. But it would save you time if […]

7 Ways to overhaul your blog for better traffic

Fact: Traffic is the life net of every blog. The more targeted traffic the blog receives, the more income it will generate. Boosting your website’s traffic is one of the most efficient and quickest ways to improve overall revenue. The condition: You need to yield targeted traffic. The reason behind this situation is that you can […]

Create a Facebook Business page to promote your business

Owning a small business can help you gain prominence in a particular locality or area. But a comprehensive promotion on Facebook by creating a business page can make millions of FB users know about it. There is a huge probability that many of them will show interest in your company. The daily interaction of yours […]

Top WordPress website page speed optimization guide for 2017

High page load time of your website have a positive impact on visitor satisfaction and lead to better search engine rankings. For the popular CMS WordPress, there are several new tools and plug-ins for WP page speed optimization. Use the following tips to improve the performance of your site. Google Page Speed ​​Insights – Indicator […]

9 Best ways to monetize your WordPress site

Do you want to make some money online and just wanted to have some extra income? Then yes you can do that with ease and the WordPress platform is going to show you the proper way. You can now even make a full time living with this WordPress website if you know how to do […]