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6 Things that will be helpful when transitioning to a new career

A few years down the line, the career path you chose might not be as exciting as before, and you might end up dissatisfied. The career might not turn out as expected, and this might leave you frustrated. To create a balance, many opt to change their career and see what other options have to […]

Building a successful career: How to work with passion every day

We all feel once in a while that our everyday work duties are way too boring, but that doesn’t mean that we have to accept this. No matter how long you occupy your job position, you still can find a way to engage in it with passion. You just need to know how. How to […]

7 Portfolio additions you should not miss out to build your career in design

During your early design career, there is only one thing that you would desire for – a promising and rewarding career. But what is that one thing that can make you kick an initial step towards your goal? It is an eye-striking and impressive design portfolio! The biggest challenge during the early career phase is […]

What You Should Do If You’re Unhappy with Your Career?

There are so many reasons to be unhappy with the direction of your career. It’s a very real problem that a lot of people struggle with. Being stuck in a rut is hard, and it’s easy to just keep on diving deeper into the hole. You work too much, your boss overlooks your successes, there’s […]

LinkedIn introduces training finder for job seekers to acquire new skills

Over the years LinkedIn has grown from a social networking site for professionals to a key medium in the global workforce. The largest professional site in the world has launched Training Finder, a new product to provide job seekers with not only their required jobs but also new programs to enrich their skills. LinkedIn’s Vice […]

3 Most important job interview facts every student should know

When it comes to job interview facts, it is by no means too early for a student to start learning. From the very first day of your college, you should motivate yourselves to get an appropriate job so that you can work on your preferred field. A job is not just about earning money; rather […]