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Microplastic is the Newly Emerging Contaminants of the Antarctic Circle

Recent research initiated by the University of Sienna discovered residues of microplastics within the guts of tiny Collembula, belonging to the group of Hexapods near King George Island. Antarctica, which had been facing threats due to several anthr...

IAF transports 450 Tonnes of Medical Equipment Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has transported 450 tonnes of medical equipment and other essential supplies to date amid the coronavirus lockdown in the country. The IAF has mobilized its planes and helicopters along with the necessary support infras...

Pollution Hits on Essential Fungi Making Europe’s Trees Out of Vital Nutrients

According to the study published in the journal Nature, it has been found that most of the tree fungi communities are affected by pollution taking around 13,000 soil samples from 20 European countries. As pollution hits fungi, the current pollution ...

Pokémon GO in the Car Caused 145,000 Accidents Taking 250 Lives

The fever caused by Pokémon GO, the video game of Niantic and Nintendo for iOS and Android, left us with endless anecdotes as well as certain behaviors of their players worthy of being framed. However, the rapid adoption of this game for smartphones...

Wannacry Virus Was Made by North Korea, According to the British Government

The British government has targeted North Korea as a perpetrator of the attack by the ransomware-type virus that victimized thousands of public and private institutions, within which even such large companies were affected, in May this year. This fu...
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