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Pollution hits on essential fungi making Europe’s trees out of vital nutrients

According to the study published in the journal, Nature, it has been found that most of the tree fungi communities are affected by pollution taking of around, 13,000 soil samples from 20 European countries. As pollution hits fungi, the current pollution limits may not be strict enough to protect the forest fungi, say researchers. Thus […]

Pokémon GO in the Car Caused 145,000 Accidents Taking 250 Lives

The fever caused by Pokémon GO, the video game of Niantic and Nintendo for iOS and Android left us endless anecdotes as well as certain behaviors of their players worthy of being framed. However, the rapid adoption of this game for smartphones also has a negative connotation and Purdue University has been commissioned to translate into […]

WannaCry Virus was Made by North Korea, According to the British Government

The British government has targeted North Korea as a perpetrator of the attack by the ransomware- type virus that victimized thousands of institutions, both public and private, within which even such large companies were affected, in May this year. This further spread worldwide affecting Telefonica, and even hospitals, in addition to hundreds of thousands of computers. Suspicions […]

‘SOS Alert’ feature launched by Google for crisis affected areas

Technology has always played a big role in ensuring the safety of people. In a bid to make the world a lot safer, Google has decided to add SOS button on its Maps and Searches from today. This is aimed to make its users feel safer and also provide a more comprehensive report on natural disasters […]

Hackers create havoc among the voters just before the French Presidential elections

Few days back, before the presidential election in France, approximately nine gigabytes of hacked data related to centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron was published on Pastebin. If this was not then unknown user disposed off the data mixed with a collection of fake documents in order to create havoc among the voters before elections. “The En […]

Google pledges for powering a cleaner energy future in Europe

Google is serious about renewable energy – the search engine giant this week hosted an event at Brussels to discuss the issue. Google is turning to renewable energy and how EU energy policies can meet the changing needs of consumers and the marketplace. There were the leaders from both the private sector and policy community, […]

How the USA’s slow internet speeds impact the technology industry

The country that has given birth to Silicon Valley and IT-giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft is falling behind in the global internet speed race. According to a report made by Akamai and published by PC Mag, in December 2015, only 25% of American internet users had internet speeds that exceeded 15 Mbps. It’s […]

Google recalls 100 staffs to U.S. after Trump’s immigration order

The President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration order has already hit the technology industries in the US. The newly elected President’s banned against people from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia entering the US. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai (born in India) has raised the concern and issued a memo for the employees to […]

Demonetization: All you need to know and all your question answered by the RBI

The entire nation was shocked when the Prime Minister of India announced the demonetization of existing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes effecting from 9th November 2016. Some are already saying the decision as to the “surgical strike” on black money and corruption. There are lots of unanswered questions and here is the detailed guide […]

Major industry giants take pledge toward Equal Pay on Women’s Equality Day

On Women’s Equality Day the US President Mr. Barack Obama committed to step up the leading businesses and influential companies to pledge themselves towards gender equality. As touted by Obama women play an important role as” At every level of society, women are leaders at forefront of progress”. At the United States of Women Summit […]