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Tag: CES 2019

LG showcases a unique transparent foldable phone

The Korean LG has been experimenting with transparent displays for several years. For example, at CES 2019 the company showed a transparent OLED TV with a transparency of 40%. The LG also showed a year earlier on SID 2018, a 77-inch flexible and tran...

Apple Shows Acute Interest in AR Tech Suppliers at CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2019 bore witness to a number of incognito Apple engineers and key personnel, including employees of known subsidiaries, who met with AR waveguide suppliers like Lumus, DigiLens, Vuzix, and WaveOptics. This is ...

What New Gaming Laptops Will Bring in 2019

2018 was a great year for PC players, as it was the first year in which users didn't have to choose between a laptop and desktop if they were looking for a gaming machine. Nvidia released their Pascal graphics optimized for laptops, allowing users t...

Here’s Everything Intel Launched at CES 2019: A summary

Intel has reached CES 2019 with much desire to talk about the plans of the company and its 10 nm node. This means that Intel has begun to share some additional information about the Ice Lake platforms in terms of the desktop segment for home users. ...

Upgrade to 7th-Gen Touch for Apple iPods and USB-C Connectivity for iPhones

A Japanese site, Mac Otakara, has cited several websites to claim that a seventh-generation touch model for iPods may be in the works. This is also tied up with news of a shift from Lightning to USB-S connectivity in Apple iPhones. Coming to iPod...
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