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How to prevent big data from breachers

The seriousness of data breaches has crumbled some businesses permanently, while some are barely surviving. Still, the security level of data is not being taken as seriously as it should by all business owners. The challenge is ever with small business owners that feel they do not have value enough that breachers can be after. […]

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg pushed back again in a new data breach controversy

A British parliamentary on Wednesday accused Facebook to let some companies including Netflix and Airbnb access users list of friends after it cut off that data for most other apps around 2015.  The UK parliament’s select media committee published more than 200 pages of internal Facebook emails it has acquired while probing how the giant […]

Quora data hack compromised data of almost 100 million users

Looks like there is no stoppage to the data breach as we hear another massive data breach of the popular Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. Quora said that the hackers breached their network […]

Mariott’s Starwood 500 million data exposed in data breach

The recent measures were taken by Mariott to investigate and speculate the data security incident which involved the Starwood guest reservation database. On Nov 19, it was recorded that there was an unauthorized access to the database which had the personal information of the guests regarding the reservations at the Starwood properties on or before […]

Seven European Union countries accuse Google of GDPR violations

Consumer groups from seven European countries, including Poland and Netherlands, have filed GDPR complaints against Google’s location tracking which is in violation of the bloc’s new privacy laws. Members of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), each of the countries claim that Google’s “deceptive practices” around location tracking deprive users of exercising a real choice about […]

Russian firm FAN sued Facebook and Zuckerberg refuses to resign as its CEO

The Federal Agency of News LLC which is also known as FAN and Evgeniy Zubarev, the company’s sole shareholder, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Facebook in federal court in the Northern District of California. They sued Facebook claiming that FAN is a legitimate news outlet and demanded that its Facebook account be restored. FAN’s […]

Firefox update will alert you every time you hit a hacked website

Mozilla announces to add a new feature to its browser which will mainly cover the security purposes. With this new update, users will receive an immediate notification if there had been any breach to the websites they had been visiting. The Firefox notifications shall include the summary about the nature and the extent of the breach […]

Yahoo to pay $50 million for the biggest data breach in history that affected 200 million users

There’s news to rejoice for the Yahoo users as Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 Million for the damage done to its 200 million users due to pilfering of their personal data which caused the largest data breach case in history. Moreover, it will also provide two years of free credit – monitoring services to […]

Facebook plans to acquire a major cybersecurity firm for preventing future data breaches

To salvage reputation over user data protection, Facebook is now hunting for cybersecurity firms to acquire. The social networking giant is said to have offered deals to “several” cybersecurity companies. Facebook is still trying to reel from the hack that exposed 29 million users. According to a report by The Information Facebook is accelerating plans to buy […]

Number of attacked accounts dropped from 50 million to 29 in Facebook Breach

The attackers exploited Facebook’s code that happened in between July 17 – Sep 18 this year. This is the worst incident happened regarding the security that affected a lot many users whose personal data was stolen. The data breach Facebook disclosed is not as bad as the company thought the number affected users now dropping […]

Alphabet to shut down its failed social site Google+ after users’ data breach

Alphabet’s Inc. Google will now shut down consumer version of their own social network Google+ after 5 lakh users’ data breached. It has discovered and patched the leak in March of this year and had no evidence of misuse of user data or that any developer was aware or had exploited the vulnerability. – Google […]

Hackers did not use accounts to log in to third-party apps through its Facebook Login offering

On Tuesday afternoon Facebook announced that hackers who breached the social-media company’s network took control of as many as 50 million user accounts. It did not use those accounts to log in to third-party apps through its Facebook Login offering. As announced last week by Facebook about its worst security breach, the hackers could have used […]