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Microsoft’s CEO cites underwater data centers in expanding global cloud computing platform

Nadella recently spoke at the Future Decoded conference about the future of data centers; the executive wants to bring Microsoft’s server operations under the sea. The executive believes the undersea deployment of waterproof “server pods” could be the future of data center expansion. Nadella predicts Project Natick, under which Microsoft deployed a 40-foot data center […]

Cloud Computing advantages every IT entrepreneur must know

For startup companies, cloud hosting delivers a critical differentiator. For the very first time, anybody may take up a business enterprise and put this within an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure which is versatile enough to progress. It nonetheless necessitates minimal funding expenditure. For smaller to moderately sized organizations which have minimal IT tools, the cloud hosting […]

Google handing over to an AI algorithm to have control over data center cooling

Over the past couple of years, embedded problems have been showing up resulting in acute complexities and hence bringing companies to search for a solution. Google has been on try-out assessment with Algorithm to regulate the cooling systems that include fans, ventilation, and other paraphernalia in order to lower power consumption. Now Google and DeepMind […]

Why your business require a customer relationship management system?

Today, almost every small and large business relies on a stand-alone, robust CRM. Referred to as customer relationship management software, the system has witnessed shakeups and sea-changes since its arrival. The concept originated during the 1980s, expanded during the 1990s, took shape as a modern CRM during 2000s. Now it has turned into cloud-based, social-mobile-integrated […]

Why should you go for an assessment of your data center?

There are many benefits of opting for the assessment of your data center. With its help, you get a clearer picture of capabilities, reliability, and vulnerabilities of your datacenter. It is an important early step in developing a roadmap for future growth, upgrades, and expansion. Focus They can focus on a specific technical feature or […]