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Tag: Data

How to transfer your data from Android to Android

Who won’t love to get a new phone? Getting a brand new phone is really exciting. Transferring all of your data like apps, contacts, photos over from your old one isn’t. You might need to transfer data to a new phone from your old phone due to som...

Why Investment Banking is a Great Field for Graduates?

The new set of minds who get graduate every year looks for a job that provides maximum compensation, security, and a lavish lifestyle. However, some the people keep on looking to evolve themselves as human being. If you are a graduate and looking fo...

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro: Why and How You Should Use It

It's a pain when you accidentally delete your files from your PC and you find it hard to recover those files. Then here is good news for you. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most used software solutions for users to recover lost, deleted, ...

How data and security work towards an improved business strategy

According to a study, by 2020 (this year), every individual will create 1.7 megabytes of data every second. It is not hard to anticipate the importance of data in this data-driven landscape. Every organization collects thousands and thousands of dat...

How To Delete Temporary Files Windows and Recover Deleted Files

Temporary files are generated in the OS and regularly running applications. Most of them have a .tmp file extension or are marked with a special sign (~). For some time they are stored in the Temp folder. Such files are generated because of the incr...
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