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Google’s Daydream adds experimental features to use on the Lenovo Mirage Solo

Google’s Daydream VR offers one of the best mobile virtual reality experiences, and today they announced a new set of experimental features for developers to use on the Lenovo Mirage Solo to take it even further throughout 2018 and beyond. For the Lenovo Mirage Solo; the first standalone Daydream headset Google has some cool stuff […]

Google is helping STEM students get hands-on time by building a VR lab

For many students getting an access to a lab is not easy. There are several reasons such as student demand may be too high or their school cannot afford to provide unlimited access. But for students pursuing STEM degrees like biology, practical lab time is essential and sometimes it is required for a student to […]

Google launches Chrome on Daydream View for enabling web browsing in VR

Google has launched its Chrome web browser in its VR headsets Daydream View and the Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, as the company announced via blog yesterday, July 30. If you are having any of the two headsets, you can easily launch the browser Chrome directly from the homepage. This will let you ‘browse and […]

Lenovo Mirage Solo the standalone VR headset and VR 180 camera is now available

Lenovo’s first Daydream standalone VR headset, Lenovo Mirage Solo puts everything you need in a single device. It doesn’t need a smartphone or an external sensor, you just need to put it on and you are set for the VR experience. The company has also unveiled its Lenovo Mirage camera that uses Google’s VR180 format. […]

Waymo launches 360 degree video experience after completing 5 million miles on public roads

The self-driving car took six years to complete its 1st million miles and six months to reach its 4th million miles and its 5th million miles happened just within three months. Waymo odometer rolled over to its 5th million miles this February on public roads. Waymo is picking up speed; they are driving as many […]

Enjoy MLB in a New VR Experience with Daydream

Virtual reality has transformed the video and gaming experience and continuing to do it. It is assisting filmmakers in reaching to their audience in a unique perspective, involving the audience in the action. This is what the Daydream is assisting in doing many video makers, Film studios, TV networks, Musicians, YouTube Channels. Daydream team wants to bring […]

Google Introduces Teaching Skills on VR at Daydream Labs

We need guidance in various aspects of our daily life for achieving consistent precision, and thus, make life more convenient. Google, with this understanding, has been working on developing an espresso machine that will teach you how to make coffee. The entire process, as explained by the enterprise, is as exciting as the constant progressive […]

Google’s Daydream team is working on VR180 to create VR content easily

The concept of virtual reality provides platforms for creators to bring the audience new and impossible to visit places. The viewer gets to have an entirely new point on shows, sports and concerts that they care about. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, swim through the Great Barrier Reef, or even meet people face-to-face in a way, […]

The future of mixed reality videos could be your face

Virtual reality provides a great experience to users which offers different angle to see the world and to provide different environments for both real and imaginary. Google has developed its new mixed reality technology which removes the headset from a virtual reality, so in real time the viewers can see the wearers’ facial expressions. Google […]

YouTube VR to provide a new way for watching videos with VR Headset

YouTube the biggest platform for sharing the videos all over the world is now enhancing its feature by providing an all new way for watching the videos over it. YouTube today announced the support for 3D VR videos. For more than a year, the YouTube team has been adding support for new video and audio […]

Google to introduce Pixel Phones, Daydream VR, 4K Chromecast and more in October

Google is reportedly to launch couple of hardware devices this fall including next version Nexus built in tandem with OEM partners. According to Android Police, Google is looking forward to host an event on October 4, where it will unveil several new products including two smartphones, a 4K-capable Chromecast dongle and a Daydream VR viewer. […]