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Nvidia partner Momenta trialed autonomous parking and highway driving system

China’s first autonomous driving unicorn company, Momenta recently showcased its Mpilot autonomous parking and highway driving system during a test drive. Such technology will make parking much more accessible. Earlier this year, the Chinese startup Momenta had announced the plans to launch fully automated driving solutions in the third quarter of 2019, and an autonomous […]

DeepSDF AI gets a 3D introduction from Facebook, MIT, and UW

DeepSDF characterizes the symbolic distance function of shape through a potential encoding and feedforward decoder network. When deep convolutional networks are used directly in 3D space, their time and space complexity will increase dramatically. And more classic and compact surface representations (such as triangular or quadrilateral meshes) can cause problems in training because we may […]

6 Effective ways in which education will change by 2030

We are in a time where the internet has become more important than any other piece of technology. With the authorization of rapid digitalization paired with technological determinism, we have already faced a lot of difference in this second decade of the new millennium. Now, we have a lot more to witness in the upcoming […]

Top 5 latest advancements in artificial intelligence to know

For the majority of people, artificial intelligence won’t be here for at least the next decade, despite all the hype. But the truth is it has already become a necessity for many businesses who work with data and it’s been widely in use today. While some of us are still trying to figure out the […]

Deep learning contouring to benefit target-specific Radiation Therapy

Makeup lovers might only know to contour as a way of highlighting facial features, but a technique by the same name is used to determine extremely precise radiation therapy treatment. Once the doctors have identified the size and shape of the tumor in diagrammatic detail, contouring helps them design specific target volumes for radiation therapy. […]

How Online education is beneficial for students from remote areas in India

A country’s growth is governed by many factors, and education is one of them. While schools in the urban areas are complemented by state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities, and teachers; schools in the rural areas struggle with necessary facilities like toilets and lack a proper teaching staff. Needless to say, this results in a reduced sense of […]

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning software and GPUs are being used to discover medical treatments

With the culture and progress of Artificial Intelligence in modern times, unbelievable possibilities are coming up every now and then. Unbelievable for now, but then: once fire itself was the same for humans! The discovering potential of using AI has its latest finding in the field of medical research. It is now possible to analyze […]

How Deepmind’s latest AI insinuate machines that think more like us

Can machines think like a human? It was just a dream before the great technological revolution, but now it’s the biggest reality of our lives. The internet and technology side by side has made this world a global village. Thanks to Comcast deals. I always stay updated with the news and views of the world. […]

Why machine learning is important for the Internet of Things

“What if all your physical devices, home appliances, and vehicles could come to life?” Machine learning is a concept that gleans such a possibility. A field of study that explains the instilled ability of computers to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. Sounds like magic, right? In the 1950s, Arthur Samuel disproved the assumptions made […]

Researchers at MIT has created a new ‘psychotic’ AI named Norman

Researchers at MIT have created a new AI called Norman. But this AI is not just another typical AI which will help everyone filter the Facebook news feed or recommend songs on Spotify. The researchers at MIT has said that they have created a ‘psychopath AI’ as a “case study on the dangers of artificial […]

How AI and Deep Learning can use Ultrasound to beat Cancer well in time

Young Viksit Kumar lost his mother to Ovarian Cancer, which was detected at a stage too late for any recovery through chemotherapy. Had his mother’s condition been detected earlier, it could’ve perhaps been a different story altogether. This jolt stirred Vikas to switch roads from mechanical engineering to being a medical student, to currently being […]

Enhanced Deep Learning computer performance by AutoAugment

Computer performance is based on the labeled training data – the quality, diversity and the amount of training data. But the collection of the commensurate quality data is a tough nut and includes hardcoding image symmetries into neural network architectures for improved performance. Another way is to get experts to manually design data augmentation methods […]