Tag: Deep Learning

Intel and Warner Bros. Announce Partnership to Develop Autonomous Cars of the Future

On Wednesday, i. e. On November 29, Intel and Warner Bros. announced their partnership to develop autonomous cars for the future. Together, they are working on the AV Entertainment Experience project while starting with creating a ‘first-of-its-kind...

New Ai Comes in That Can Point Out Disguised Protesters at Rallies

A group of researchers from India and the U.K. has come up with a new AI. This AI is able to identify people, even if the faces have masks. It uses the deep learning system for acquiring enhanced facial recognition abilities. In other words, you ...

“Real-time AI” From Intel in Deep Learning Platform of Microsoft

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and DL (Deep Learning) have the potential to influence communications and business operations for the better. Intel is taking it to live by working together with Microsoft in the aspect of real-time AI performance. It is...
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