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Xiaomi’s voice assistant XiaoAI hits 100 million activations

Xiaomi has been successfully reigning over the smartphone market for quite a while now, and in the latest achievement, its Voice Assistant, XiaoAI has revealed its own thriving status by acquiring 100 million activations. Dr. Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Platform at Xiaomi, revealed the news of XiaoAI’s hitting the 100 […]

Bixby support for third-party Android apps will be available from November

Samsung promised Bixby support for third-party Android apps as part of last month’s Galaxy Note 9 announcement. The company’s mobile CEO DJ Koh said that the Bixby support will be launching this fall. Samsung’s annual Developer Conference is to take place in San Francisco, California in November and the current plan of the company is […]

Google to launch “Tell Me Something Good” to provide people some good news

Google believes that everyone nowadays is getting news which are depressing and that the abundance of bad news may not be good for them. In a blog post, Google termed it “negative news fatigue”. Considering this, Google has now programmed Google Assistant to provide people with some good news. The new feature is called “Tell […]

The future of big data – What will it look like?

By the end of 2018, the big data market will be worth nearly $50 billion, which means we can expect big data’s potential revolution in the coming years as well. Most valuable resource for the last century was oil. For this century, it is data. – Economist What exactly is big data? Why it’s taking […]

Printer cartridges: Should I refill or recycle? Know these 3 things

With so much emphasis being placed on protecting the environment from pollutants, the national conversation is very much focused on recycling anything and everything that can be repurposed. From household waste to office supplies, it’s important to ensure that anything that can be recycled should be. However, this is much more of a prevalent concern […]

How printing technology has thrived in the age of digital

With technology continuing to advance at a rate faster than at any other time in recorded history, some have wondered; will paper and printing become obsolete? Fortunately, however, printing has adapted and thrived within the Age of Digital. Far from becoming an outdated practice of the past, the printing industry has joined other leading industries […]

Google opens up its Android and Pixel devices to Amazon Alexa

Google, like other tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft has its own Artificial Intelligence powered smart assistant. But as of yet, Google has not monopolized its products with only its smart assistant. It still allows the Android and even Google Pixel phones to use other assistants and not just Google’s own smart assistant. However, Google […]

Digital assistant app Hal uses real human being to do all the work for you

A new digital assistant app Hal can be your everyday personal assistant, and it’s not a machine. We, in our everyday life, are much relied on digital assistance but, are the responses always that helpful? AI is getting better, but as according to Hal’s website “why try to turn a computer into a human when […]

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the field of education

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Education has been a thing since the uptick of AI in the 1980s. Education and AI seem to be made for each other in many ways. We utilize education as a means to develop minds that are capable of expanding the knowledge pool, while AI offers tools for building a more detailed […]

Apple supplier delivers first units of HomePod, to hit the market soon

In December 2017, Apple HomePod was out for shipment with an eleventh-hour delay due to software and hardware integration problem. According to a new report by Taipei Times, this smart speaker will begin its shipment from one of its two assemblers. The initial shipment will be from Inventec which includes around 1 million of the […]

5 top tech tips that will make you feel like a boss

No person can resist the strength of a game-changing secret, especially in relation to the devices and technologies we use each day. In case you need to know a way to keep your life at work more organized easier, this post has some amazing tips for you. Your tech life will become a whole lot […]

Samsung to uncover Galaxy S9, “the next big thing” at MWC instead of CES 2018

In a clarifying announcement made by its mobile boss, Samsung Electronics states that it is slated to uncover the Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress in February 2018 to occur in Barcelona on February 26 to March 1, quashing all rumors of CES 2018 to unveil it to the world. The president of Samsung’s […]