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Mysterious spy devices located near White House, Israel suspected

According to reports; mysterious surveillance devices have been located near the White House to spy, and it is suspected that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cellphone surveillance devices. Reported by Politico on Thursday based on accounts provided by three former U.S. officials. It is expected that the cellphone spy devices located near […]

The U.S. may approve licenses to sell Huawei products again

Earlier, reports suggested that President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed to a truce to remove some curbs on Huawei Technologies Co. buying high-tech equipment from the U.S. Officials clarified that the Chinese tech giant would remain on the Entity List, but Trump would allow licenses to trade with the company under certain […]

Trump slams Facebook’s plans to create a digital currency; Libra

President Trump bashed Facebook’s plan to launch cryptocurrency as he believes that it would be “little standing or dependable.” Trump took to Twitter to remark on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency after attacking tech giants at a social media summit. Trump remarked Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as “highly volatile and based on thin air” and that he was […]

President Trump can no longer block his Twitter critics; court rules

A federal court in the US has ruled that Trump cannot shut down his critics on Twitter. A judging panel consisting of three judges and a lower judge said that Trump tries to block his haters he violates his first amendment. Last year in May, Judge Naomi Reice ruled that the US president was violating […]

Trump Tariffs raise can cause many Chinese companies to quit from the USA

According to reports, the US has recently raised the tariff of 200 billion US dollars on Chinese exports to the United States from 10% to 25%. In attempting to justify his decision to raise tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese imports into the US, President Donald Trump has suggested that the best […]

Stakes are high leading up to the US, China trade talks

As Trump cranks up the pressure on China in pursuit of a new trade accord, President Donald Trump is putting his deal-making persona on the line and injecting new risk into his bid for another four years in the White House. Trump has raised the already high stakes of this week’s talks between U.S. and […]

Donald Trump’s commiseration towards Indians waiting to receive green cards

As per officials over 600,000 Indians in the US are waiting to receive green cards, which is a step short of American citizenship and taking this into account US President Donald Trump shows his sympathy to the hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals including Indians who are patiently waiting for years to receive green cards. […]

Facebook faces an ultimatum from EU to change its terms of service

According to a report, the European Union gave Facebook an ultimatum on Thursday for not complying with the European Union’s consumer rules. Earlier this year, the company was told to change its user’s terms and conditions according to the EU standards, but it has yet to do so. The 28-country bloc has been in talks […]

Trump’s administration tariff head-on with Huawei’s Solar-panel launch

As reports confirm the upcoming launch of Huawei’s solar-panel control devices is expected to clash on with the U.S. Tariffs made on Chinese electronics. President Donald Trump to impose a 25 percent tariff on imported solar panels which will directly jeopardize the stability and financial well-being of the local solar industry. Trump in January put […]

Donald Trump announces to propound 25% tariff on $200 billion Chinese imports

A familiar source on Tuesday said that a tariff of 10% that was indicated before has been escalated to 25% by Donald Trump on $200 billion of Chinese imports. The U.S. is forcing China’s officials through threats of even higher tariffs. In respond to the reports China claims that “blackmailing and pressurizing will never work.” […]

President Trump signed a directive aimed at removing space debris

U.S President Donald Trump signed the third space directive of his presidency on Monday. It will, it is hoped, will nudge the Defense Department and the Commerce Department to step up the United States’ ability to track objects in space and destroy them if necessary. The U.S. military is already tracking more than 23,000 objects […]

Trump expatiate Department of Justice report and rebukes two former FBI agent

Just when everyone thought, the President of the United States Donald Trump would not make a fool out of himself publicly, he decided to take his ever flourishing battle with the FBI to Twitter. Donald Trump has been known for, since being the President of the United States, being notorious on Twitter. He has not previously […]