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Volocopter’s Air Taxi conducts first public test drive in Germany

Now you can fly to your Office! At least for the people in Germany, it is a feasible scenario. German startup Volocopter is taking another key step with its electrically powered air taxi that flew for the first time over Stuttgart in Germany on Saturday. This was its first public test flight in a European […]

Uber Eats conducts tests for food delivery via drones

Uber Eats is testing the first commercial application of food delivery via smart drones in high-density urban areas, as announced during the Uber Elevate 2019 Summit, held on June 11 and 12, in Washington, DC, which is a sample of what the future of food delivery will be like. After testing food transfer via drones […]

DJI’s RoboMaster S1; a camera-equipped remote-control educational tank unveiled

DJI is known for its drones, but its newest device is a little more grounded. The RoboMaster S1 is a remote control, camera-equipped tank-like rover packed a flexible movement option, a dextrous gimbal with a variety of sensors, and a blaster that shoots gel beads. Core to the S1 is its Mecanum wheels, a design […]

Top 5 best professional drones of 2019

Drones are considered one of the most successful technological toys of recent years, but they can also be used for professional tasks with truly spectacular results. These are some of the best drones for professional use of 2018. The professional drones must meet a number of features that vary depending on the task to be […]

The U.S. Air Force’s Skyborg program to launch new AI autonomous drones

The U.S. Air Force wants to field autonomous drone prototypes through a program it’s calling Skyborg. A new initiative has taken by the Air Force which has asked the tech pioneers in the industry to provide their inputs about the program. The Skyborg is still under the process and planning to launch the program by […]

Report: Samsung is planning to enter the drone market

Samsung may be considering to enter the drone market, a breakthrough among its direct competitors. It would not be the first time Samsung has been looking for more technological advancement in comparison to its competition. The South Korean tech giant always seeks to enter every technology market aspect which has now resulted to make Samsung […]

All you need to know about drone racing

If you are someone who is heavily interested in drones, you have already learned the skills of flying a quadcopter like a pro, and you are looking to make this sport more exciting for you and maybe even somewhat competitive, then drone racing is your thing. A drone race will test out all your skills, […]

8 Important aspects to consider while buying a drone

From being popular toys to doing meaningful work, drones have certainly evolved. These days drones are used for doing surveillance work, recording videos, carrying objects and taking pictures. However, drones should be noise free especially when it is used for monitoring activities. Gladly, modern technology supports the manufacture of drones that function silently. Below are […]

How to take stunning aerial photos with your drone

Drone photography and videography has seen an explosion in popularity in the past 2 years. Likely you or someone you know has a drone, and they are taking pictures of everything from weddings to coastlines to famous landmarks. Likely you or someone you know has a camera drone, and they are taking pictures of everything from […]

Navion: The new chip shrunk further to help honeybee-sized drones navigate

Tiny computer chips designed by MIT researchers last year have shrunk even further to help honeybee-sized drones navigate. The MIT chip has been upgraded in size as well as in power consumption. Navion, the new chip which is intended to be presented this week at the Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits is fabricated with […]

Apple will use drone tests in North Carolina to improve Apple Maps with aerial images

Apple plans to launch the use of drones to get a better quality of Apple Maps in 2016. And now Apple got the permission to test drones usage. Ten companies, including Apple, who have earlier applied for the permission to use drones are granted Drone’s flight permission beyond the regulated area by the FAA (Federal […]

Intel introduces Drone solutions for businesses to expand on aerial data

Intel at the ongoing AUVSI Xponential 2018 in Denver, Colorado has come up with Intel drone software solutions and updates to its Falcon 8+ system. The system can capture 42 MP images and is based on full-frame Sony RX1R II camera, generating high-detailed inspection data. At the event, the company demonstrated Intel Mission Control – […]