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5 Tips to make it easier to choose a home theater projector

Well, we all know the role of a home theater projector in setting up a mini movie theater in the home. But do know the technicalities you should put into consideration to choose the best home theater projector? To simplify the matter, we have provided five crucial tips which will make everything more comfortable for […]

All about burning TV series into DVDs with the best DVD burning software

Over the last few years, web series have taken over cinema and TV shows. Youngsters or better if we say netizens look forward to signing up on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix rather than switching on the Television for entertainment. Undoubtedly, these digital platforms have got some of the best shows on the web but […]

Rip your DVD effortlessly with Handbrake and WinX DVD ripper

Just like the revolutionary era of the floppy disk and cd, the wave of popularly for DVDs seems to lose its steam. The exponential advancements in the domain of digital storage technology and cloud, this decade has been primarily dominated by flash drives and cloud storage. Those portable and small flash drives and hard discs […]

4 Main selection criteria for portable DVD players

Today, we no longer feel incredible delight because of the portability of new devices, entering the market with enviable regularity. Their dimensions and power consumption have dropped to incredible levels. Nowadays devices of this kind play the role of fashion accessories emphasizing the image of the owner. A portable DVD player is one of such […]