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Tag: Entrepreneurship

Startup Myths That Might Lead to Failure

Let’s face it, most startups fail. One study found that up to 75% of startups fail. Our own estimate is that 95% of seed-level startups fail. Many studies come up with a list of reasons for the high failure rate. These include: No market needI...

How some most common entrepreneurial mistakes can effect your startup

The startup's arena is not for the faint-hearted. The stats just prove that fact. It’s estimated that over half a million new businesses enter the frame, but only a handful stand the test of time. 30% of these businesses sink inside the first 2 year...

Top 5 qualities of a successful entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs start their business only with the idea of making money and when faced with the first obstacle they give up. The greatest entrepreneurs in history agree that money was not their priority when they started, but that the reasons tha...
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