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Indian hacker Laxman Muthiyah can hack any Instagram account in 10 minutes

Indian hackers are top of earning bounty from Facebook Bounty of crores rupees i.e. reward to Indian Hackers. In fact, tech companies such as Facebook run bug bounty programs, whereby loopholes, which are also called bugs, are rewarded for finding. Recently, Facebook increased bug bounty for account takeover. A computer science student from Tamil Nadu, […]

Shoelace: A new social networking app of Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120

Google takes another run on a new social networking app called Shoelace as a more experimental area. Google’s Area 120 incubator is creating a hyperlocal social network aimed at organizing local events and activities. Shoelace comes just months after Google shut down Google+ which is to be used by listing your interests in the app. […]

Jio and Facebook partner up to launch Digital Literacy Campaign for Indian users

Reliance Jio announced the Digital Literacy Initiative for the first time in the country for Internet users on Wednesday called the Digital Udaan. As part of the ‘Digital Literacy’ initiative with Facebook, Jio will be able to connect with its consumers every Saturday, while helping them to know about Internet security, including the use of […]

4 Winning ways to grow your business with the help of Social Media

Last year UK-based pub chain Wetherspoon suddenly became worldwide famous. The firm completely wiped out its presence in social media linking the move to bad publicity.  While many businesses can relate to this challenge, Wetherspoon’s answer to it is extremely rare, as social media are undoubtedly a powerful sales, marketing, and PR tool. We realize […]

India prompts to build “Sarkari” WhatsApp chat platform for government purposes

The Indian government is reportedly planning to build its WhatsApp-like chat app to facilitate secure communications amongst governmental agencies citing overdependence on American technology companies. After being denied a backdoor into WhatsApp for security concerns, the move comes as a means to be independent of foreign entities when sharing official communications between government agencies and […]

How chatbots will influence mobile app development in the future

Do you know that the inception and development of Chatbots started back in the year 1966 with Eliza, a medical chatbot? According to Markets and Markets by the year 2021, the market worth of chatbots would be 3, 172 million USD as compared to 703 million USD in 2016. This means that the market size […]

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to disallow pre-installed in Huawei phones

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has been facing troubles from USA since the US trade ban came into effect in May and Huawei has been unable to purchase American parts and software. According to the United States, Huawei’s telecom network gear and other products are allegedly assisting espionage, a claim that Huawei has denied. Now […]

Telegram 5.7 gets enhanced Privacy, Discussion groups, log in with Bots and more

The latest updates of Telegram are mainly focused on privacy, this application wants to use the subject of privacy as a way to attract more users. Lately because of the scandals of data theft on apps like Facebook, Instagram … many users are concerned about their information (another big part is they does not care […]

7 Reasons social media is failing your business

As per a recent study, 7 out of 10 Americans are active on social media. And all of them fall under the young, high-income category and are using it to follow brands, check the content and chat up with friends. With people spending so much time on social media these days, it doesn’t come as […]

Facebook slowly rolling out a dedicated News Tab on its platform

Facebook has been working on the creation of a news page on its platform, with the aim of financially supporting high quality and reliable journalism, said its founder Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. Reports are that the social media platform is allegedly rolling out a dedicated Facebook News Tab (now in beta) for interested users. The […]

Social media like Facebook and others urged to axe ‘like’ button for UK child safety

Social media firms like Facebook, Instagram and others are forced to turn off their like button to ameliorate internet safety for the children in the UK. Removing the like button, and limiting data collection and geolocation tools on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, are among a 16-point list of recommendations for age-appropriate design […]

Top 7 Secrets to qualify in a Digital Marketing Interview

You would have already had an advanced digital marketing training from home or some digital marketing training institutes. You would have already perfected your CV, would have written excellent cover letters and would have already applied for a large variety of jobs. As a result, you have received a response from the potential employer. So, […]