Facebook slowly rolling out a dedicated News Tab on its platform

Facebook has been working on the creation of a news page on its platform, with the aim of financially supporting high quality and reliable journalism, said its founder Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. Reports are that the social media platform is allegedly rolling out a dedicated Facebook News Tab (now in beta) for interested users. The […]

Social media like Facebook and others urged to axe ‘like’ button for UK child safety

Social media firms like Facebook, Instagram and others are forced to turn off their like button to ameliorate internet safety for the children in the UK. Removing the like button, and limiting data collection and geolocation tools on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, are among a 16-point list of recommendations for age-appropriate design […]

Top 7 Secrets to qualify in a Digital Marketing Interview

You would have already had an advanced digital marketing training from home or some digital marketing training institutes. You would have already perfected your CV, would have written excellent cover letters and would have already applied for a large variety of jobs. As a result, you have received a response from the potential employer. So, […]

Facebook attempts to combat hate, bans white nationalism, white separatist content

In a move to promote equality among all its users, Facebook has taken a move to disallow praise, support and other related representations of white nationalism and white separatism on Facebook and Instagram, which are especially linked with organized hate groups on social networking sites. Our policies have long prohibited hateful treatment of people based […]

Christchurch shooting, New Zealand: Social media giants to scrub video spreads

New Zealand just witnessed its one of the most horror nights. An unprecedented attack that has shocked the second most peaceful nation in the world. At least 49 people have been killed and 20 seriously injured after gunmen opened fire in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. The shooter has also streamed […]

Warren pledges to diminish the power held by tech giants for better democracy

Elizabeth Warren, the American politician, and academic who has been serving as the senior United States Senator since 2013, pledged on Friday in Queens to break up the tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google and bring into Silicon Valley new statutes, in case she is elected President in 2020. To restore the balance of power […]

Google’s crackdown Project Strobe restricts Facebook’s call log and SMS related permissions

There have been numerous cases of apps getting hold of sensitive personal information of a user through their phone(s) without the user having even the slightest inkling of it. The app permissions on a smartphone, especially in earlier versions of Android, are a complex feature and there seemed to be no way of ensuring that […]

Instagram may be testing out Prototype Account Linking feature

Facebook may be disliked by the teens, but the social media app still makes its presence felt due to the fact of its account allowing links to other apps without the need to sign in with different usernames and passwords separately. While the teenagers’ displeasure with Facebook is affecting its ad revenue, their loyalty towards […]

How to download videos from Facebook for free

Using social media sites have become common and said to be the familiar one as per the current trends. If you started using Facebook, it is the platform not only help to connect the people but also offer various videos shared by Facebook users globally. Now, the thing is millions of users are using this […]

Facebook and Google to mutually pay $450,000 for Washington State Violation

On Tuesday Bob Ferguson Washington state Attorney General informed that finally Facebook and Google have agreed mutually to pay $455,000 for settling all the allegations they did not keep any records of who was actually paying for all the ads campaign on their sites. He also mentioned that the companies failed to maintain those kinds […]

Facebook to seriously expand revenue with its new Whatsapp Business API and Facebook ads

WhatsApp; a Facebook adopted chat service is adding ways and opportunities for more cash in. Since last year WhatsApp has been busy testing Whatsapp Business that will let companies get more customers. On Wednesday the chatting app announced its development for WhatsApp Business API that aims to reach potential customers on a large scale. WhatsApp […]

Facebook brings in user feedback tool on misleading adverts

Facebook has been trying to improve its services for its users and has come up with Community Standards and ads policies that govern the ads that will also mark bad shopping experiences off Facebook. On Tuesday Facebook globally launched its new tool, the ‘Leave Feedback’ button that will prompt users to tell about their shopping […]