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Facebook completes lease with Hudson Yards for over 1.5 M square feet

Facebook is shifting to Hudson Yards, part of a major push by the tech giant to expand its presence in New York City in 2020. On Thursday, the social media giant signed a lease for more than 1.5 million square feet of space (139,000 square meters) at the development on Manhattan’s west side, according to […]

TikTok is running campaigns to take away potential Facebook advertisers

According to reports, TikTok has started running campaigns targeted to Facebook advertisers. This is the latest in the fight between Facebook and TikTok for advertisers and users. In 2016, Facebook was aggressively courting the world’s most populous country. The social network turned its attention to China, having largely saturated most of the developed world, which […]

WhatsApp Status ‘Share to Facebook Story’ feature rolling out for iOS users

Most people out there post stories on Facebook and Instagram, yet some still prefer to post their stories on WhatsApp in the form of WhatsApp Status. Now the Facebook-owned messaging app has rolled out its new feature for the iOS users where users can share their WhatsApp status on other apps like Facebook. This feature […]

WhatsApp bug enabling hackers to manipulate text messages

A new WhatsApp vulnerability has been revealed by security researchers at the Black Hat conference 2019. Researchers from Israeli security company Check Point revealed that WhatsApp could be hacked to change the text of a message and the identity of the sender. The Facebook-owned messaging app can be used to exploit the platform to manipulate […]

Twitter is testing snooze button allowing users to pause notifications upto 12 hours

Jane Manchun Wong, a blogger, accidentally discovered that Twitter has a snooze option. It would be wrong to state that Twitter already features the snooze option. Rather Twitter is testing a new feature which would allow its users to pause the notifications by the app for a certain period of time. Won was not looking […]

What pages should be available on your site?

When it comes to creating the content of your newly created website, your business needs something different that would match to your unique identity. In this regard, you might be considering what pages should be available on your site. This is quite a common question that is widely asked. These days, web development is gaining […]

U.S. Justice Department to start antitrust review of tech-giants

The Justice Department of the United States Federal Government has taken a decision to start an antitrust review of some of the technological mammoths of the world. This comes as a reaction to the growing discontent against some of the world’s biggest technology companies. Lawmakers and regulators have cooperatively been raising questions about Amazon, Apple, […]

U.S. lawmakers slam Amazon, Facebook, and Google in antitrust hearing

Amazon was allegedly competing against its sellers and pushing them to buy advertising and fulfillment services. On Tuesday the lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel pressed an executive from Amazon for the same reason. It is not only Amazon that this allegation was against. Legislators have also pressed Apple Inc for explanations for […]

Indian hacker Laxman Muthiyah can hack any Instagram account in 10 minutes

Indian hackers are top of earning bounty from Facebook Bounty of crores rupees i.e. reward to Indian Hackers. In fact, tech companies such as Facebook run bug bounty programs, whereby loopholes, which are also called bugs, are rewarded for finding. Recently, Facebook increased bug bounty for account takeover. A computer science student from Tamil Nadu, […]

Shoelace: A new social networking app of Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120

Google takes another run on a new social networking app called Shoelace as a more experimental area. Google’s Area 120 incubator is creating a hyperlocal social network aimed at organizing local events and activities. Shoelace comes just months after Google shut down Google+ which is to be used by listing your interests in the app. […]

Jio and Facebook partner up to launch Digital Literacy Campaign for Indian users

Reliance Jio announced the Digital Literacy Initiative for the first time in the country for Internet users on Wednesday called the Digital Udaan. As part of the ‘Digital Literacy’ initiative with Facebook, Jio will be able to connect with its consumers every Saturday, while helping them to know about Internet security, including the use of […]

4 Winning ways to grow your business with the help of social media

Last year UK-based pub chain Wetherspoon suddenly became worldwide famous. The firm completely wiped out its presence in social media linking the move to bad publicity.  While many businesses can relate to this challenge, Wetherspoon’s answer to it is extremely rare, as social media are undoubtedly a powerful sales, marketing, and PR tool. We realize […]