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Google App 10.53 hinted to reveal next-gen Discover

The Google App has just received a new version 10.53 suggesting the arrival of a “next-gen Discover” in addition with new details about the work in progress for Ambient Mode. On an event, last September, Google Feed’s rebrand was announced as Discover. The 9to5Google have noticed the latest version of the app loaded on the […]

Gboard from the house of Google gets 28 languages, Text to GIF and other features

A new release of updates for the Gboard keyboard app version is out. Back in those days keyboards were simply made to be typed, and dictate texts but now with the technology leap keyboard app can do much more. And Gboard is the perfect example of this available on Android; that brings several new […]

New update adds rare languages to the Google GBoard

The invention of the Gboard helped people across the globe to communicate in various ways. Today Google took a step forward in their endeavor to make communication easier and effective by announcing that it has added more languages to the Gboard. It now supports over 300 languages thus covering 74 percent of the world’s population. […]

Google’s new AI-powered app ‘Reply’ auto-generates smart replies

Google is bringing to the market a new app called “Reply” which will guess reply and provide three smart options to respond using a single tap. It will be able to do so by integrating itself with different messaging apps. So far Google has announced that ‘Reply’ will be integrated with messaging services like WhatsApp, […]

Gboard Go ‘Lite Release’ made available for Android 8.1 devices with low RAM

Google has introduced a new series of “Go” apps that are designed exclusively for lighter and low-power devices. With the likes of Maps Go, YouTube Go and several more already revealed, we have seen that this latest initiative has its merits. The latest inclusion in this series is the Gboard Go. It can be downloaded […]

Google Indic Keyboard Downloads Touch 100 Million

The reason/s behind the popularity of an app is/are pretty understandable usually. However, it is not the same in case of the Google Indic Keyboard. In spite of being overshadowed by Gboard, the Indic Keyboard has now reached 100 million downloads. Well, it is true that the Indic languages cover a vast part of the […]

Google and Emogi Join Hands to Introduce Animated Stickers on Gboard

Emogi (not emoji) officially announced that it is a collaboration with Google for bringing thousands of animated stickers on Gboard. In chat, animated stickers get shared 3.6 more as compared to their static counterparts. Therefore, the Gboard users will have more options in expressing themselves over chat, by using the Emogi contents. The best part […]

Android Latest Gboard Beta 6.5 Adds Support for Bitmoji and Stickers

Google has updated its Gboard beta which is a mobile keyboard supported for Bitmoji and stickers. Last year, it only supported Android 7.1 but quickly it came out for older android versions as well. You can now insert stickers and Bitmoji also. There is a sticker tab which can be used from overflow menu or top button […]

Gboard 6.4 beta expands Incognito mode in Android O, brings visual redesigns

The latest beta version of Gboard will be unveiled by this evening with one of the most compelling features along with several small upgraded interfaces. The major change is in an incognito mode that is visible in Chrome’s incognito mode. So following describes lists of features. Incognito Mode: As compared to earlier version, users will see a new […]

Gboard 6.1: Google redesigns typing and GIF suggestions

Few days back, Google launched Gboard 6.1 beta after redesigning voice typing and adding GIF suggestions, among other things. Some users discovered new features that could make their debut in the final version. In the earlier version, when tapping on the microphone button in Gboard, the keyboard would be replaced by a voice typing interface. […]

New update on Gboard for iPhone gets add-on like Google Doodles, new emojis and more

Google has new update for Gboard on iPhone with some add-on features like Google Doodles, new emojis, voice typing and also support 15 additional languages. Google Doodles is an animation which privileges holidays, anniversary or notable people. When Doodle goes live, “G” button start animates which indicates there is something new in it. “G” button […]

Google launches Gboard for Android, six months after iOS launch

Six months ago, Google introduced new keyboard for iOS users and now after the long wait the search giant has rolled out Gboard for Android users as well. Google’s Gboard is similar to a simple keyboard featuring the Google search bar built into the app. Google provided the information that the new keyboard will be […]