Anker Roav Bolt brings Google Assistant mic in cars

Google partnered with Anker; to bring more safety while getting the facility to check text messages, make phone calls or finding the nearest coffee shop and more with Anker Roav Bolt. The search giant launched a new class of assistant devices to ameliorate the experience of a car driving by adding dedicated mics. At CES, […]

Bharti Airtel, FLO launches MyCircle app for Women’s Safety

Bharti Airtel launched a new mobile app designed specifically for women’s safety. The new app which was developed in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organisation or FLO is called MyCircle. It was launched on Sunday. The app will help women if and when they find themselves in trouble or face any panic situations. Bharti Airtel said […]

Google Assistant to now provide suggestions in Messages and more

The MWC 2019 has seen the launch of innovative products and showcase of smart technology by various companies. Google had previously announced the introduction of new phones consisting of the Google Assistant buttons, along with apps that would contain Assistant integration. Google has now stated that Google Assistant that would start to provide suggestions in […]

Apple reportedly acquires PullString to improve its voice strategy

Apple has reportedly purchased voice app startup PullString in order to improve Siri’s capabilities, along with its entire voice strategy, and compete better with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We provide agencies and enterprises with the leading solution to collaboratively design, prototype, and publish highly engaging voice applications for Amazon Alexa, Google […]

Google Assistant icon now on mobile homepage

Google Assisstant is present wherever you have your device connected to Google and the net. You can trigger Assistant in several ways including saying “Ok Google”, tapping and holding the home button or using the icon in the Google search bar. Now there’s one more way to open Assistant – go to the mobile […]

Google brings Assistant to Maps support for Android and iOS

Google announced in the framework of the CES 2019 fair, the integration of Google Assistant to Google Maps is coming to both Android and iOS. This means that from today when you use the map app, particularly if you are already on the road, you can tell it and without having to use your hands […]

Samsung could integrate Google Assistant in their 2019 SmartTVs

According to a report from the American magazine Variety, Samsung could integrate Google Assistant to the new 2019 series of Smart TVs brand. However, Samsung would not abandon the development and support of Bixby for this. The opening for third-party assistants is likely to arrive with the announcement of the partnership with Google during CES […]

Google Assistant can gain new interface with small adjustments soon

New information spotted by Android Police indicates that Google is working on a small, smooth, and extremely comfortable update to the Google Assistant interface. According to screen captures received by the site from its readers, the company already begins to adopt a new style to facilitate the search and navigation. The screenshot show when you […]

Lenovo Z5s confirmed to feature 8 GB of RAM and two virtual assistants in a teaser

The Lenovo Z5s will be announced as early as next week and the manufacturer continues to tease information regarding its new smartphone to the hype up the market and reveal interesting features. After the device emerged on the Chinese network TENAA, its design with three rear cameras in a layout similar to the Huawei P20 […]

Google Assistant for iOS now supports Siri shortcuts

The Google Assistant app now became much easier to use for iOS users, after the app gained support for Siri shortcuts, making it easily accessible. The app description on the app store now reads, “We added support for Siri Shortcuts to make it even easier to access your Assistant.” Additionally, users can now set up […]

Google: Rolling out a new way to book rides easily with Google Assistant

Fidgeting with ride-sharing apps during busy hours is not fair enough. Google Assistant can now help in an easier way. Google is continually expanding the functionality of Google Assistant and today the company has announced a number of new features for Assistant that will help users look at rideshare pricing quickly and easily, though the […]

Google Voice Access releases to command the world with your voice

Now with the latest hands-free technology, everyone will be benefited from such an amazing feature. Especially those million people like Stefanie Putnam who is a quadriplegic and suffers para-equestrian driver, they face some real problems while taking pictures, composing texts or sending mails. Along with the people who worked with Google Accessibility team on feature […]