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Google helps Gringgo Indonesia Foundation to overcome plastic waste

The Gringgo Indonesia Foundation will receive support from Google to develop marine plastic waste prevention tools, and to monitor the amount of garbage disposal in real time. The aim of this effort is to help local governments, NGOs and private companies to better manage the process of waste disposal and increase recycling results. (a […]

Google CEO to have a meeting with US military official to discuss its AI works in China

Recently, Google has been facing accusations of aiding China and its military, especially when General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, observed during a Senate hearing earlier in March that Google’s AI operations in China “indirectly benefits the Chinese military,” following which US President Trump also went on to condemn Google of […]

Google AI Impact Challenge addresses world issues for social good

Google launches AI software to help spur the development of applications and research that have positive impacts on the field and society at large. With the Google AI Impact Challenge, Google is committing resources and $25 million to address societal challenges. The company has created an AI for Social Good program internally with two aims. The […]

The untold secret to mastering business communications using cloud

Good communication is vital to your business’ success. The cloud can help you enhance these communications. Technological advancements have undoubtedly helped to increase employees’ productivity while also dramatically lowering business’ operational costs. When implemented correctly, these solutions improve efficiency and data security while decreasing human error through automation. This is especially true when you’re dealing […]

Google partners Unity to address creative and developmental needs of connected games

Google has announced its strategic partnership with Unity on the space of connected games, addressing the requirements for the developers, with the aim to provide more innovative and immersive experiences for the gamers as time goes. The partnerships entail building a pack of managed tools and services to create connected games. The first pack will […]

Google Cloud and NetApp in collaboration for cloud-native file storage service

It has been often seen that the IT companies struggle to find a good technology management guide which will actually understand how to move workloads with minimal disruption. One critical challenge is access to high-performance, scalable and shared file-systems. But the breezy time has come for the IT companies to manage their data, store and […]

Unizin and Internet2 leverage Google Cloud Platform for improving education with technology

Higher educational institutions of the whole world are using latest cloud technologies in the fields of their education to make it more modified and progressive and to solve the global challenges that everyone faces now. Their aim obviously is to make life a lot easier for people all around the world. Northeastern University and MIT […]

Google buys IoT division of LogMeIn, Xively at $50 million

Google has officially announced their takeover of Xively Internet of Things (IoT) business from LogMeIn, this Thursday. It has cost Google $50 million. 45 Xively employees are expected to join Google, as a part of the takeover, as well. This deal is being seen as a part of the measures taken by Alphabet in order […]

Google’s infrastructure drive: Adds three new subsea cables and five regions

Google’s endeavor of improving infrastructure has not been concluded even after three years of the company’s investment of $30 billion as they continue to pursue higher limits of increased connectivity. As of today, they announced the addition of three new undersea submarine cables and five new Cloud Platform regions. The Netherlands and Montreal regions await […]

Google to open AI research lab in Beijing to work with the best AI talent

Today, Google announced that it’s opening a research lab dedicated to AI in Beijing. As the Chinese government and tech companies are ‘dominating’ in the concerned industry, Google would not want to skip any opportunity to go for a setup closer to the leading ‘happening hub.’ The lab will have a small team of researchers […]

Google Contacts Opened up to all Android Phones with Lollipop or Above

Google Contacts application opened up to any Android cell phone that boasts Android Lollipop or above names as their operating systems. The application was already restrictive to Lollipop gadgets from Google’s own scope of handsets, similar to the Pixel and Nexus go, in any case, as of rendition, that is not true anymore. The Google […]

Google Introduces New Security Protections to Counter Risks from Unverified Apps

Google has shown constant dedication over the years in terms of security of the users. Earlier this year saw the company unveiling details on a few of its latest anti-phishing tools. Google also went on rolling out developer-focused updates for its risk assessment systems, app publishing processes, and consent pages for the users. The company’s […]