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Google Photos menu version 4.30 gets redesigned bottom for Android app

Across the years, Google Photos has become a popular app on both Android and iOS. It offers a bunch of useful features backed by Google’s machine learning algorithms. This makes it easier to organize your photos and videos. Spotted in September, Google Photos for Android is now widely rolling out a redesigned bottom which makes […]

Google Photos will show previews of videos on the timeline

Google Photos is one of the most recommended applications on this website. Whether you use Android or iOS, like Google or not, you have to admit that the application is very useful for many, including me. Above all, people use it because of the unlimited ability to make a backup of their high-quality photos and […]

Google+ to shut down on April 2; New Accounts can no longer be created post February 4

Launched in June 2011, Google+ is all set to end its run on 2nd April 2019. Google had initially announced its plan to shut down Google+ last December, and now it has started sending emails to concerned users to inform them of its decision to shut the site down permanently, with the ability to create […]

Top 10 essential apps to install on your iPhone this year

If you recently got a new iPhone, you may want to know what apps are worth installing on your new mobile. To help you, we have made a small selection of 10 essential applications that you must install on your new iPhone. We have tried to select applications of all kinds, including some lesser known […]

Google Photos will stop unlimited storage support for VOB and RAW file storage

Anyone who uses Google Photos to store all kinds of images that are available on their smartphone, PC or tablet will find a barrier from now on. The cloud storage service program on Google Photos will no longer support some image and video formats as VOB and RAW media, as they are huge in size. […]

Google Photos for iOS receives adjustable depth, focus in Portrait Mode and Color Pop feature

A feature hitherto accessible in Android phones only has now been ushered into their iOS counterparts by Google, with its Photos app now allowing users to adjust the depth and focus in portrait mode shots. With the addition of the new features, users with the latest iteration of Google Photos on their iOS devices can […]

Google collabs with CEPIC and IPTC to include the display of creator and copyright metadata

Google’s move of protecting the credit rights of images displayed has been well received by professional photographers and image shareholders. It has been revealed by the internet giant that from now on it will include creator and credit metadata in photos it displays on Google Images, and also add copyright notice metadata in the coming […]

Google’s Home Hub, a smart tablet-screened speaker to hit the market soon

Google had been working lately on attracting a customer base for a line of smart speakers that can match up to Amazon’s Echo Show and Lenovo’s Smart Display, featuring a mammoth-sized screen mounted on a smart speaker. The first look and specifications have somehow been leaked by sources and this super performer will be called […]

Google One gets introduced for expanded storage and comes with extra benefits

Google has introduced Google One yesterday, May 14 which is a solution for expanded storage and it additionally brings extra benefits for the users. As a part of this procedure, all the paid plans for the users of Google Drive storage will be upgraded to Google One in the coming months. The new changes do […]

Lenovo Mirage Solo the standalone VR headset and VR 180 camera is now available

Lenovo’s first Daydream standalone VR headset, Lenovo Mirage Solo puts everything you need in a single device. It doesn’t need a smartphone or an external sensor, you just need to put it on and you are set for the VR experience. The company has also unveiled its Lenovo Mirage camera that uses Google’s VR180 format. […]

Files Go updated for smarter file searches on Android

Files Go is a small hit app for Google. Today on the basis of feedback over the last three months, they announced the introduction of more features to make them more useful to the audience. The smart file manager with peer-to-peer file transfer capabilities is now adding on-device search, Google Photos integration, and more. The […]

4 handy tips to better operate your Google Photos

Clicking pictures has become the norm of the day at any social gathering. And with new apps like Instagram and Snapchat, almost every smartphone user has become keen on capturing every moment of their lives in the form of a picture. While this practice helps people to create new memories it also reminisces about old […]