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Huawei to launch Mate 30 without Google apps and services due to U.S. ban

Huawei Technologies’ new smartphone, Mate 30 is set to release without any Google apps. The tension between the U.S. government and the Chinese company, Huawei had been long-standing, and this decision to completely forego any Google apps came after the U.S. government decided not to extend the partial reprieve on blacklisting Huawei. Mate 30 is […]

10 SEO tips to boost your commercial cleaning business

According to the statistics, four consumers out of every five carry out online searches before buying. Think about that! 4 out of 5! Isn’t that enough reason for you to rank on Google’s first page? Every commercial cleaning business wants to be the first result when users search for cleaning services in their local area. […]

5 Important content marketing barriers to overcome

Anyone in marketing feels the first hand that we are in a boom era of content-based marketing. Companies spend massive resources to bolster their positions on social media and search engine rankings and to find partners to back-link with. As organizations church out more and more content for users to devour, the competition has become […]

Google is accused of stealing lyrics from caught “Red-handed”

Since December 2014, Google has been able to display the title and lyrics of the song above the search results when entering the song title and lyrics on the search engine. However, a lyrics website Genius has recently accused Google of stealing its content from the site and reposting them to the search results without […]

Firefox Premium could be launched later this year

Mozilla has been trying for a while to find ways to monetize their services, something that does not always end well. Although for the end of this year we could find a change in importance. The company could launch Firefox Premium by the end of 2019. A subscription service, which would become a new way […]

Google Search will stop listing more than two results from the same website

Google is launching an update for Search that aims to give you more options on the search results page. The tech giant said through a Twitter post that the update was designed to bring more diversity to the platform, which means that under normal circumstances, no more than two results from the same site will […]

Google Search gets new search algorithms to show top results

Millions and millions of people turn to the Google search every minute to find information on any topic they can imagine. It is the most widely used search engine worldwide, and the truth is that it does not surprise us since Google is the master of almost everything related to this matter. The face of […]

Google allows to order food online through Assistant, Search and Maps

Google announced that you can now order food directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Assistant. Google is partnering with companies like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, and ChowNow for a unified and direct experience. In Google Search and Google Maps, the functionality works through a new “Order Online” button that appears when you search […]

Understanding SEO Content: 6 Simple Practices to Try

SEO content is more than just text. It’s all about optimization and performance. Wise and planned optimization helps your web pages hit the rankings of search engines and therefore attract more users. In this post, we have gathered a list of simple and efficient practices to help you with this task. Definition of SEO content […]

Top 7 ways to boost technical SEO and rank higher

Are you planning on building your website? Then the first thing you have to take notice of is how you can improve your technical SEO! Focusing on search engine optimization has its benefits, especially if your goal is to drive traffic and potential clients for your online business. However, the question is how you can […]

9 Essential tools to write your posts correctly

Blogging is one of the simplest ways to express professional knowledge and creativity, but it’s also a great opportunity to earn money online. However, blog writing is a highly competitive niche because there are at least 500 million authors currently active worldwide. It means you need to publish outstanding posts week after week in order […]

Google My Business App revamped for a smoother digital journey

Google India introduced a revamped Google My Business application to help businesses be present where customers are. Google India has launched an entirely new, redesigned, Google My Business app which is a free tool for SMBs to start their digital journey through listings on Google. This will also help the firms keep their business presence up-to-date on Google […]