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‘Job Search for Veterans’ Becomes Google’s Second Ad for SuperBowl 2019

Google’s second ad at the 2019 SuperBowl retained the beauty of its first ad promoting Google Translate and propagates its innovative new move, ‘Job Search for Veterans’. It allows veterans and US service members to quickly find jobs tailor-made for them simply by entering their military occupational specialty codes like MOS, AFSC, NEC along with […]

Google Translate gets a new look and responsive design for easier communications

There are a lot of services which Google provides us. A few of them went really well and few failed to impress the users. 12 years ago, Google Translate was launched and since then it has evolved according to its users, in the way they wanted it to be, and proved to be one of the […]

Top Augmented Reality apps for education: Smart way to your child’s success

The kids are the future of this world and so we always wish to give them the best of everything. So why do we turn a blind eye when it comes to education, the most important part of our life. Why do our children still study in front of black and whiteboards that were invented […]

Google Translate to be another gold mine for the search giant: Sundar Pichai

CEO Sundar Pichai revealed Google’s translator’s money-making potential on Monday during the firm’s second-quarter earnings conference call. Google Search, YouTube, Google Docs and Gmail are already generating money for the company every day. The app translates almost 143 billion words per day and it got a big boost during the Football World Cup Tournament. Google […]