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ISRO to commercialize India-manufactured NavIC system

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has decided to commercialize the NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation), India’s very own navigation system that was launched in 2016. ISRO’s plans to implement the NavIC in smartphones contribute significantly to the Make in India initiative which was launched in September 2014 with the primary goal of making India a […]

Google Assistant is available in English for the Waze app in the US on Android devices

Google has extended the Google Assistant to Waze, the Google-owned GPS navigation software that “provides turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel times and route details, while downloading location-dependent information over a mobile telephone network” (Wikipedia). Google Assistant in Waze can help the user stuck in a long line of traffic by letting them use other […]

Every fact you should know about before buying GPS tracker

The Global Positioning System, better known as GPS is a type of technology which tracks down a clear cut and a decisive location with the help of the space satellites. The location can be determined with the help of the three most important factors, which are longitude, latitude, and scope. The GPS technology is now […]

Best gadgets for the most played sports to check out this year

Instabeat If the manufacturers have already provided a wide range of gadgets and accessories for the runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, the swimmers are a little deprived. Instabeat will soon correct this injustice. Their device – a nozzle for swimming goggles – reads circles and swim distance, hand movements and the amount of energy expended. […]

Facebook files patents for technology to predict future location

Who doesn’t want to know the future? Well, Facebook is just in the track to help its users to understand their future location. The social networking giant has filed a patent with the U.S.P.T.O for a technology that can predict the next place we’ll be in. How will this work? It’ll be using our previous […]

How can Augmented Reality reshape Mobile app development

While mobile apps have penetrated all recesses of life, the digital landscape is constantly finding ways to present simulated reality on our mobile screens. The emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has only broadened the scope of simulating reality and interactions for real-life uses. Augmented Reality is particularly interesting as it mixes […]

5 smartphone spy application techniques to know

In today’s world of modern technologies, the latest smartphones and the spectacular online services have perhaps made it easy for an individual to cheat on his/her spouse. Yes, you read it right! Unlike the previous era, when these fake people have to use the landline number to call their girlfriend/boyfriend and promote an affair, today […]

9 Ways in which innovation is changing ERP technology

The most compelling thing about innovation is the exciting possibilities that come with it. From many years ERP software seemed settled, but cloud, mobile, and big data have shaken up the market. The reincarnation of ERP has been a decade-long journey which evolved into a more versatile and multi-faceted tool that helped small, medium and […]

Everything you should know about GPS Fleet Tracking and Software

Be it your household requirements or the commercial need, GPS tracking technology is preferred by almost every second entity. In the recent times, security is considered to be one of the major concerns of the people. And that is the reason why a majority of people utilizes some advanced mobile tracking applications such as GPS […]

7 Handy tips to save your Android’s battery for a longer time

Long gone are the days when a mobile phone was solely used for just the communication purposes but now it’s like a mini-computer in your pocket keeping you in touch with the internet world. Now the mobile phone is a multifunctional device on the face of the earth. A constant and reliable connection to the […]

Apple Watch Series 3, Fitness wearable now tracks snow sports activities

Smartwatch to Fitness bands the tech market is being upgraded frequently with the introduction of more unique devices. Leading the race in this smart world. Apple has proposed for Apple Watch update while promoting third-party apps like Slopes, snoww, Squaw Alpine, Snocru and Ski Tracks. Apple Watch Series 3 update has the new built-in altimeter to determine […]

Fitbit teases plans for new ‘Mass Appeal’ smartwatch

Fitbit teased a new smartwatch at its recent investors’ call which they claimed shall appeal to the masses. Wareables have been able to gather images and information regarding the same, which they say might go by the name of Fitbit Blaze 2, and might be announced this spring. Reports from last year claimed that the […]