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Google Calender reportedly down in many countries

Google Calendar, the most used task calendar in the world, has experienced a global decline. The incidence was detected a little later than 4:00 pm in India and for now, it has not been resolved by Google technicians. Almost two hours later it remains inactive and with error warning: ‘Not Found. Error 404’. The company […]

Google+ to shut down on April 2; New Accounts can no longer be created post February 4

Launched in June 2011, Google+ is all set to end its run on 2nd April 2019. Google had initially announced its plan to shut down Google+ last December, and now it has started sending emails to concerned users to inform them of its decision to shut the site down permanently, with the ability to create […]

Google+ reveals its shut down plans; the beginning for the end

It’s no more big news that Google is shutting down Google+ earlier than initially planned. The search giant revealed in December 2018 that it will put an end to its social media platform in April 2019 instead of August 2019. But In today’s update about the Google+ situation, Google also revealed other upcoming milestones that […]

G Suite app updates to embed Google+ search streams in new Google Sites

Last year in July, Google updated its G Suite app to embed Google+ streams in the new Google Sites for more engagement. Later updated in August, the new update then made it easier to embed Google+ streams in the new Google Sites featuring it as to be the most requested update from the users who want […]

Google Home fulfills request: reads out events from G Suite calendar

Google Home is often requested to support G Suite calendars. And there have been massive changes recently where Google Home can actually read events from those which are shared on the G suite account. There had been the availability of several calendars over a year on Google Home but there had also been gradual limitations. […]

Google to stop Gmail Offline Chrome app, recommends to use the new built-in functionality

The new Gmail app update is featured to include an offline mode in the app itself, which means that the previously used Gmail offline Chrome app that helped to enable functioning offline, will not be necessary anymore. Following the redundancy of an unnecessary app, Google announced to roll back the app, a legit decision by all […]

Google updates G suite with phishing protection and management control

Google announced on Wednesday, that they are to bring more than 20 updates “to deepen and expand Google Cloud customers’ control over their security.” The new security feature is for both the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. Many of these updates will be turned on by default for G Suite so that you get […]

$2000 Hangouts Meet Conference Hardware Suite posted by Google

On Tuesday, that’s October 31, Google released the ‘Hangouts Meet hardware suite,’ consisting of advanced capabilities. The set includes a touch screen controller, a 4K camera, built-in microphone-enabled speakers, and an ASUS Chromebox. Google is set in its aim at speeding up its video conferencing services, with the entire hardware suite that costs $1999.99. As […]

Google Introduces New Security Protections to Counter Risks from Unverified Apps

Google has shown constant dedication over the years in terms of security of the users. Earlier this year saw the company unveiling details on a few of its latest anti-phishing tools. Google also went on rolling out developer-focused updates for its risk assessment systems, app publishing processes, and consent pages for the users. The company’s […]

Chatting while Video Conferencing with Hangouts Meet is now Possible, Thanks to Google

Google, among other service providers on the web platform, is quite well known to provide various means of communication worldwide. While consumers can use the apps such as Allo, Duo, and Hangouts; enterprises get to use Hangouts Meet and Chat – for communication. In the Hangouts Meet and Chat app, the Meet functionality focuses on […]

Google’s Backup and Sync for Google Drive to be available from June 28

Google has announced that it will launch a new Backup and Sync tool for Google Drive users, to be available from June 28, 2017. This new feature will allow users to monitor and backup files of any folders that you desire making it more robust. The latest version of Google Drive for Mac/PC is Backup and Sync […]

Google to launch new generation Chromebooks for students and educators

Google has always been actively participated in providing the various applications to its users for making the teaching and learning more easy and efficient. Google’s Chromebook and classroom are used by more than 20 million teachers and students. And according to the company, more than 70 million people are using GSuite for education. Chromebook is […]