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Google launched the second version of Google Glass for business

Google has launched the second generation of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, these new Google Glass are designed only for commercial use. The Google Glass went on the market in 2013 and is one of the first augmented reality devices that uses a pico projector to project computer generated images in the user’s eyes, so […]

Microsoft announces new cloud services for AI and blockchain technology

Microsoft released new tools for software makers ahead of its software developer conference that is suppose to take place in Seattle next week. This is an enterprise service that is meant to help businesses build applications on top of blockchain technology and is integrated with Azure Active Directory which offers tools for adding new members, […]

Bentley’s SYNCHRO XR: An automated reality application using Microsoft HoloLens 2

Bentley Systems, for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure is one of the leading global providers of comprehensive software solutions. It has introduced the SYNCHRO XR app for infrastructure and 4D construction projects. Introducing SYNCHRO XR, our new #mixedreality app for 4D construction projects with the Microsoft @HoloLens 2: #HoloLens2 #MWC19 @Microsoft […]

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 with improved hand tracking system debuts at MWC

MWC 2019 in Barcelona saw the official launch of Microsoft’s second-generation AR headset HoloLens 2. The headset is a much lighter and cheaper version of the original four-year-old original headset and has made its debut with new features including better visuals, and “the most advanced hand tracking system” according to CNET. Besides retaining the features of its […]

Arvizio to launch cross-platform AR tool for joint 3D model viewing on HoloLens and Magic Leap

Avatar Chat and Mimesys for Magic Leap One and Spatial for the HoloLens, all of these were introduced to the market within the last few months. The abundance of such communication tools for augmented reality can mean only one thing: that the world of technology is all set to experience a mini-boom of such tools […]

HoloLens out of stock, gives rise to HoloLens 2 launch

Microsoft launched HoloLens back in 2016 as a dev kit and in that year, made it available in a ‘Commercial Suite’ edition. For the next two years, Microsoft has been able to expand their business horizon with the help of HoloLens thanks to the headset’s distribution channels and options, and they sealed a $480 million […]

Microsoft starts shipping HoloLens to developers

Microsoft just announced that they are shipping first wave HoloLens for pre-orders to developers starting from today. Before you get the untethered, holographic computer we can give you a sneak peek view how the kit would look like. The software giant in says, developers can apply for pre-order at Microsoft website and once your application […]

Microsoft HoloLens unveils their plan how future of football look like

You might daily think of your future!  Microsoft also has envisioned a dream to change your future – the way you’ll be watching National Football Leagues. Microsoft being a NFL’s official technology sponsor wants to use technology to shape the next 50 years of the game. Using the untethered holographic wearable computer, fans could experience […]