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Huawei Mate X 2 foldable smartphone with second display

At 2019 MWC two foldable smartphones were introduced, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. The main difference between the two folding telephones is obvious; the Samsung device folds inwards, while the Mate X folds outwards. A recently published patent shows that Huawei is working on a  new folding phone that can be folded inwards. This model also has a full-screen front […]

Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch Lite production started, launching soon

Clearly emerged this year the rumor that Nintendo has two new consoles in development. A Nintendo Switch 2 and a Switch Lite handheld. Both game computers will probably be announced in 2019. Last week it became clear that Nintendo was looking for a new production location, where both the existing and the new Switch models are now being produced. Nintendo has […]

Nube gaming smartphone with an extendable gamepad

In the 1980s the first portable game computers were released, also called handhelds. Consider for example the Nintendo Game & Watch series, where one game was pre-installed as standard. In the meantime, the possibilities with regard to mobile gaming are a lot more extensive, so the smartphone is increasingly being used to play a game. However, a touchscreen has the disadvantage that […]

Asus 6Z (Zenfone 6) with flip camera launched in India via Flipkart

Taiwan’s tech company Asus today has launched its latest flagship smartphone Asus 6Z in the Indian market. The phone is in the spotlight due to its camera setup. According to the company, this is the first phone in which there is a dual rotating camera which works both front and rear cameras. The Asus 6Z […]

Twitter to remove GeoTag location feature

Twitter is reportedly on the look to remove precise geotag location feature to tag the place and area in the photos uploaded at the social media platform. As per the report, many users have stopped using it, to either stay anonymous or be well-aware not to share their location to strangers. Earlier this year on […]

YouTube offers new display AR Ad format opportunities to advertisers

A little over a year has passed since the launch on the international markets of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium and Google provides some useful tips for users this summer. For advertisers, on the other hand, there are new creative opportunities, which exploit augmented reality and 360-degree video. Get ready to see new advertising formats […]

Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World Game arrives on iOS and Android on July 10th

Earlier Nintendo announced that its next mobile game would be called “Dr. Mario World,” which the Japanese game maker would launch alongside its messaging app Line and developer NHN Entertainment. It was expected to launch early this summer, although Nintendo did not give an exact release date then. Now, the release date is here! Dr. […]

Instagram is testing a new method to recover hacked accounts

Instagram is testing a new feature to prevent cyber hackers from hijacking “high profile” accounts with which they can later request some kind of ” ransom“. The same case has been exposed by the actress Bella Thorne, who got her account hacked on Instagram and was threatened to publish her private photos if she did […]

Nvidia opens software stack for ARM supercomputers

So far, Nvidia supports only x86 and IBM’s Power processors, however, things could change from the end of 2019 to run its own software such as libraries and frameworks on ARM CPUs. First supercomputers are in the works. Nvidia announced at the ISC (International Supercomputing Conference) in Frankfurt, to open its own software stack for […]

Nvidia DGX SuperPod is the new 96 × 16 Volta GPUs supercomputer

Nvidia has presented its own supercomputer at the ISC High Performance in Frankfurt Main event, which immediately climbed into 22nd place in the world ranking list. Even more interesting than the performance, however, is the approach behind the DGX SuperPOD: It links 96 DGX-2 already presented a year ago. Like its 96 individual components, each […]

Honda e will seek to improve urban driving

The Japanese manufacturer Honda is firm in its intention to consolidate itself as one of the world leaders in electric mobility. To achieve this, they announced the upcoming arrival of their Honda e, the first electric model that will offer the international market and that, to date, accumulates more than 31,000 customers registered under the […]

Huawei foldable phone folds differently from Mate X.

On MWC 2019, Huawei introduced its first foldable smartphone. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X folds outwards. It must also be the first 5G smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. Last week it became clear via CNBC that the launch was postponed to September. Initially, the folding phone would be launched at the end of June, but Huawei first wants to do some extra testing. In […]