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Tag: IBM

IBM is Testing 50 Quantum Bits Computer Processor Prototype

With the quantum bit (or qubits, by its English name), scientists are getting closer to achieving a quantum computer with applications in real life. The latest company to announce a new technological feat in this discipline has been IBM. IBM toda...

Ibm’s New Cross-border Blockchain Reduces the Cost of Global Payments

International trade has many intermediaries that have led to the late processing of payments. Because of this, transactions are often costly, laborious, and error-prone. In order to overcome this complication, IBM has launched new technology.  ...

IBM Mainframe Escorts the Next Generation Data Encryption

IBM  today announced the world’s most powerful transaction system named IBM Z, which can run more than 12 billion encrypted transactions daily. The encryption mechanism is necessary to protect your data from unauthorized users, i.e., hackers.  There...
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