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Tag: Infographic

This is How AI is Defining the Growth Story of Online Commerce

Online buyers can expect a whole new experience of personalized shopping down the line. In fact, AI is going to bring in more than that, both to the customers and businesses worldwide. Nearly 44% of the customers in the US already prefer being as...

6 Best Tablets to Buy Under $100 in 2017: Infographic

Are you looking for power and portability without a crushing price tag? Read on to discover our 6 best tablet finds for less than $100 each. What to expect? Forget Apple's OS! Whilst it is user friendly, it isn't the best out there, and you ca...

What Caused Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion? Samsung Explains in an Infographic

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 to maintain records of its sales and demand, but the rosy start turn sour. Samsung faced a big incident in September of the first version of Note 7 due to faulty batteries that overheated and exploded. By October S...

The World’s Top Ten Most Powerful Women in Tech

Women aren’t always depicted as influential or powerful people in the world business, especially when it comes to the tech industry. However, as the decades passed, female business leaders emerged. They are no longer just playing the roles of mere s...

Infographic design: The latest tools for entrepreneurs

In the current business climate, entrepreneurs understand that a marketing strategy is needed to survive. Digital Designers, forty believe that: Entrepreneurs love content marketing and infographics are the latest edition to successful entreprene...
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