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5 Best antivirus apps for latest Android version

The antivirus Apps secures your photos, contacts, memories android mobile and messages in your phones and tablets against viruses, theft, and spyware. You can use them to locate and track your lost items such as phones and tablets. The following are the five best antivirus apps on Android Version. McAfee Founded in 1987 (MacAfee Associates) […]

Eugene Kaspersky writes an open letter to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey over Ad ban

Failing to receive any response from Twitter regarding the banning of Kaspersky ads without any apparent reason this January, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, Kaspersky Lab, has written an open letter to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to call him out for the lack of transparency. The Russia-based cybersecurity company received intimation from the social media platform, Twitter, towards […]

Kaspersky to open data center in Switzerland to counter spy allegations against Russia

Kaspersky Lab has planned to open a new data center in Switzerland for addressing Western government concerns regarding Russia’s recent possible engagement on espionage. The allegations say that the nation takes advantage of the leading antivirus software company to spy on people. The Kaspersky data center will be the company’s base to provide a response […]

Kaspersky Responses to the Allegations of Cyber Espionage by the US

Not long ago, Kaspersky, one of the most renowned security firms was accused of hacking theft of top-secret US intelligence materials. This cyber-espionage mystery has rocked the US intelligence community. The embattled computer security firm Lab today made an official announcement saying that malware-infected Microsoft Office software was responsible for whatsoever happened. They also revealed […]

British Spies: Russia is Using Kaspersky Software to Spy Barclays Customers

The intelligence service of UK suspects Russia to use Kaspersky security software to spy on over 2 million Barclays customers. Certain Whitehall official has revealed this shocking news anonymously to The Financial Times. It’s been since 2008, Barclays has provided Kaspersky security software to its online banking customers for free. Right now, Barclays has almost […]

Kaspersky Suffers from US-Russia Tension Plans to Introduce an Independent Agency

Kaspersky is planning to introduce an independent organization within the first 3 months of 2018. It will review its product code and software updates and product compliance threat detection method. At the same time, another independent agency will be opened as well, to assess Kaspersky’s product lifecycle processes, software, and supply chain risk control strategy. […]

Kaspersky’s TaigaPhone Prevents Google and Facebook from Spying on You

TaigaPhone is a smartphone that Natalya Kaspersky (co-founder of Kaspersky Lab) is working on. It has the ability to prevent Google and Facebook from spying on user data. InfoWatch Group, based in Moscow, is behind the design of the smartphone. Natalya happens to be the President of this organization as well. TaigaPhone will prevent… TaigaPhone […]

Kaspersky Withdraws Complaint as Windows 10 Antivirus Aspects Get a New Dimension

Today, Kaspersky is going to withdraw its antitrust complaint on Microsoft. Microsoft agreed to reflect changes in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. These changes will serve Kaspersky in providing alerts and notifications for renewing Windows 10 antivirus definitions. Windows 10 Antivirus June 2017 saw Kaspersky file the complaint stating that Microsoft disabled antivirus software […]