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SwiftKey Keyboard integrates with Microsoft Translator to make translations easier

It is now easy to translate using the SwiftKey Keyboard as the company SwiftKey has integrated with Microsoft Translator. Now it will be possible to translate from one language to another without having to exit the app or leaving the in-app conversation or having to copy paste text to translate. Microsoft Translator has been on […]

Top 3 types of keyboards worth investing as professional typist or a gamer

As a professional typist or gamer, it goes without saying you spend a lot of time in front of your computer using your keyboard. While you may be used to the one you’re using, have you ever considered how much better your performance would be by investing in a proper keyboard that’s fit-for-purpose? Thanks to […]

Google Indic Keyboard Downloads Touch 100 Million

The reason/s behind the popularity of an app is/are pretty understandable usually. However, it is not the same in case of the Google Indic Keyboard. In spite of being overshadowed by Gboard, the Indic Keyboard has now reached 100 million downloads. Well, it is true that the Indic languages cover a vast part of the […]

Touch Cover for iPad is Accidentally Revealed by Microsoft

The tech giant Microsoft accidentally revealed the iPad Touch Cover. Microsoft is secretly working on the touch cover for the iPad. The software giant has listed a mysterious “iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719)” in a download page for documentation related to Lithium batteries. Spotted by WinFuture, the documents were originally posted back in April and […]

New Blackberry Mercury with physical keyboard to be revealed at CES

There is good news for the Blackberry fans as the company brings a new smartphone running on Android operating system. The Blackberry Mercury device will sport a physical keyboard and will be entirely designed, built and overseen by the Chinese Corporation. In mid-December, Blackberry and TCL formed a partnership, officially making the Canadian outfit a […]