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Apple refused to comment on FAA’s ban on MacBook Pro from flights

The U.S. is very particular about their security measures, and when it comes to TSA, the administration would go to any extreme level to make sure flights remain threat free. Apple has recalled the MacBook Pro laptops owning to their batteries being a fire risk. In June, Apple recalled a limited number of 15-inch MacBook […]

Apple brings updates to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple has introduced the renewal of MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13-inch, two computers that offer almost what users were asking the company. Although, along with the inclusion of the Touch Bar in all Pro models, the most striking thing is that it has eliminated the Macbook of 12-inch. A few weeks ago we […]

A new 16-inch LCD screen MacBook Pro to be launched in September

There have been several rumors that have pointed to Apple is preparing a new MacBook Pro 16 “to launch it this year. Today the analyst of IHS Markit, Jeff Lin, has stated that the launch of this brand new notebook is scheduled for September. This makes us think that Apple would present this Mac with […]

Apple Pro Display XDR monitor with outstanding specifications starts at $4999

Along with the new Mac Pro, Apple has introduced a premiere monitor to accompany its professional desktop computer. The new 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR monitor brings together outstanding specifications focused on the professional world of image and programming. The new Apple monitor offers a 32-inch diagonal. It is a 6K Retina display (6016 x […]

New Mac Pro Released: A closer look at what Apple unveiled at WWDC 2019

Six years after the debacle of the Mac Pro in the form of a wastebasket, Apple has renewed its desktop computer for professional environments. The new Mac Pro is similar to that first version based on the legendary Power Mac G5, with more options for expansion and configuration. Users can now opt for a Xeon […]

Apple to launch 16-inch MacBook Pro, 32-inch 6K monitor and more in 2019

One of Apple’s reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a wide-reaching new investor note. It is reported that Apple is working on the launch of a new MacBook Pro range comprising of a 13-inch and 16-inch model as well as a new 32-inch 6k external monitor. As according to Kuo, Apple will release new iPads, […]

Adobe Premiere CC could burst the speakers of your MacBook Pro

Software bugs can be very annoying, they can even make you lose all your work, but usually, they are usually harmless. This is not the case, users have now reportedly discovered a very dangerous Adobe Premiere CC bug that can seriously damage Apple’s MacBook Pro speakers. There are more than a dozen users who have […]

Why are MacBook Pros so expensive?

The Apple MacBook Pro is known for its suite of software which makes it ideal for creatives (e.g. writers, journalists, and web designers) and busy professionals who need a laptop that will keep up with them. They are also known for their sleek design as they are strong and sturdy but still stylish. However, for […]

Apple runs MacBook Pro free battery replacement program

Apple.Inc is in talks to replace the swollen batteries of some MacBook Pro Laptops sold between October 2016 and October 2017. The concerned “limited number” of 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops have a potentially faulty component in their hardware which causes the inbuilt battery to expand. According to the company, this situation will not pose a […]

Apple’s Modular Mac Pro is up for a 2019 release

Apple’s senior director of Mac hardware product marketing, Tom Boger announced that Apple’s redesigned, modular Mac Pro aimed at professionals is set to launch in 2019. “It’s not something for this year.” Apple is informing people now since professional customers may be weighing whether to buy an iMac Pro or hold off a few more […]

Apple starts shipping the 18-core iMac Pro to customers in the US

After six weeks of accepting the order, Apple finally starts to roll out the most awaited iMac Pro with 18 cores in the United States. People, who ordered the device within the very first lot of the announcement will be getting their package from Tuesday, February 6 approximately. Customers claimed that they have found their […]

Apple to develop three new MacBooks with custom co-processors

Apple, the monarch of the tech industry, always known for its uniqueness recently in news for developing three new Mac models integrated with custom co-processors, including updated notebooks and a new desktop. The above disclosure was made by Mark Gurman to Bloomberg News. This unique model is expected to launch this year. Apple notebook lineup […]