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NASA tests its autonomous drill to dig deep under Mars surface

NASA announced a new tool that will be for drilling the surface of Mars. The tool is attached to a rover which is being tested in the Atacama Desert in Chile called ARADS. The aim of the drill is to trace tiny, living microbes or their fossilized remains on Mars that indicate the life on […]

SpaceX’s test flight of Starhopper successfully completed in Texas

SpaceX successfully launched its Starhopper test rocket to the height of 150 meters at the Texas launch base in Boca Chica. The American FAA had only permitted for a 150-meter height, and Starhopper successfully climbed to the prescribed height, floated there for about 57 seconds, and then started its gradual descend which finally landed. The […]

NASA names a rock on Mars the ‘Rolling Stones Rock’ after the legendary band

NASA’s InSight lander has named a Martian rock which got knocked a few inches away from its original place, Rolling Stones Rock, after the famous rock and roll band of the same name. Elated by this news, the Rolling Stones members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood, commented, “What a wonderful way […]

NASA’S Curiosity rover stumbles on ‘Strathdon’ – a boulder-sized rock

It has been seven years that NASA Curiosity has landed over Mars, and since then it has traveled a total of 13 miles (21 km) and ascended 1,207 feet (368 meters) to its current location. In July, Curiosity took detailed images of “Strathdon,” a rock made of dozens of sediment layers. For several past months, […]

NASA partners 13 US companies for Moon to Mars mission

Today, NASA announced it had selected 13 US companies with 19 partnerships for its Moon to Mars mission. NASA Moon to Mars mission is expected to kick off by 2024 with the Artemis program. We’ve identified technology areas NASA needs for future missions, and these public-private partnerships will accelerate their development so we can implement […]

Chandrayaan 2 will benefit India in strategic advances; enhance knowledge of space and satellites

India’s ambitious moon-mission, Chandrayaan-2, has taken off successfully a short while ago from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Andra Pradesh.  Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), tweeted to inform the successful launch which was scheduled to take place at 2:43 PM. The mission which is the brainchild of ISRO was initially planned to take […]

NASA plans to start land trails on MARS by 2020

NASA plans to send a helicopter to Mars in 2020. Mars Mission intended to land on the Red Planet in 2020, the aircraft has just successfully passed a key test. Engineers and scientists from NASA have put together the ‘rover’ that will travel to Mars in the middle of next year. With a new solar […]

NASA’s InSight lander appears to detect its first seismic event on Mars; Marsquake

For the first time, NASA’s Mars InSight lander has successfully recorded and measured what seems to be a tremor on the red planet. Scientists say the source for this “Marsquake” could either be movement in a crack inside the planet or the shaking from a meteorite impact. On April 6, the Mars InSight lander’s seismometer […]

NASA’s future mission of sending man on Mars by the end of 2030 may not materialise

NASA had announced last year that they were planning a series of manned and unmanned missions to Mars by the end of 2030. This mission would have been, if successful, one of the milestones for mankind. But things are not going according to their plan and as announced by the former NASA Astronaut Jerry Ross […]

NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed on ‘a Large Sandbox’ slightly tilted at 4 degrees

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena have many reasons to celebrate with the successful landing of the InSight on the Martian surface. InSight blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on May 5 and will operate on the surface for one Martian year, plus 40 Martian days, or sols – the […]

Airbus in crafting a fetch rover for Mars sample-return mission

A mission to return samples from Mars isn’t an easy task! The European Space Agency (ESA) and the NASA have finally agreed to find for how far will it be possible to bring Martian soil samples back on Earth. ESA has awarded Airbus with $5.2 million to design a rover that can collect samples on […]