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Tag: Mobile Security

7 top security tips to consider when using a Microsoft account

All the Microsoft versions since Microsoft 8 want you to create and use the Microsoft account for authentication purposes. If earlier it was enough to create a local password on your computer with the password “qwerty1234”, now you need to protect y...

8 Best and reliable SSL certificate providers you should know

Overwhelming shadow of cyber threat has been threatening the cyber world and many organizations. Experts have taken different measures and still, new updates are coming in a way that helps to boost inside/outside security architecture. In this artic...

Samsung’s Mobile Security or Bug Bounty Program Rewards Upto $200,000

As you all know, there is not a single software that is 100% secured or has no faults. Therefore, Samsung recently introduced the Mobile Security Rewards Program, which is basically a bounty program for bugs related to its mobile devices like smartp...

Sony Builds Framework for Applying Blockchain Technology to the Field of Education

Sony Corporation and Sony Global Education (SGE) have built up a framework that will apply blockchain technology to the field of education. By utilizing "innovation that makes common use of educational accomplishments and activity records in an open...

5 Reasons Why We Love Samsung Knox (and You Should, Too!)

We, as users, need security in every aspect of life, including the devices used. A fitting security solution not only provides security for our mobile lifestyle but also does not restrict users from any activity. Samsung, by this understanding, has ...
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