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Tag: Mobile Security

The Report says Apple Faces Patent Lawsuit over iPhone Security Tools

A non-practicing entity has filed a case against Apple in the US, claiming certain iPhone security features like user passcodes and other unlock methods infringe on owned patents. Lodged in the patent holder-friendly US District Court for the Wes...

Oneplus Admits to Committing App Throttling to ‘Improve’ Device Performance

After Geekbench delisted the flagship OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, the global smartphone brand has responded to the app throttling row, saying it only aims to improve the performance of their devices. The company said that its top priority is to ...

IDEMIA’s Noida Facility has been Awarded GSMA and AFNOR Security Accreditation

On Wednesday, Global augmented technology company IDEMIA announced that its Noida plant had become the first facility in India to receive accreditation from the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme and France's AFNOR Group for its eUICC SIM. The eU...

What is driving mobile gaming amid the pandemic in India?

Amid the pandemic, especially the everything-from-home year, mobile gaming took off spectacularly in India. For consumers trying to deal with the prolonged social isolation, along with all the anxiety and ambiguity of the last year, mobile gaming pr...

The common cell phone scam detecting tricks I learned recently

Cell phones are more capable than clunky desktop computers were a few decades ago. Most of us use our phones for navigating life, including shopping, banking, and doing business. Phones are a wonderful tool to have in your pocket but they’re also be...
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